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deprexxion_killz **TRIGGER WARNING** my current status... i dont really want to deal with my emotions right now. Even the saddest of songs arent sad and i hit a relapse which is something i did want. I have touched a blade in 4-5 months this fresh blood is freeing. #depression #depressed #depressedquotes #anxiety #relationshipfailure #lovequotes #suicide #suïcideawarness #mentalhealth #mentallyill #bipolardisorder #multipersonalitydisorder #suicidal #relapse #cutting
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stayhumbleandstayhydrated You're a strong person. I get it feels like there is no light at the end of the tunnel but look how far you've come and how strong you have been... depression sucks but you're ARE strong enough to get through it.
zianaromeave That is so me!
ghastlycorpse And I try to refrain, but you're stuck in my brain and all I do is cry and complain// #lyrics #effyourbeautystandards #thisisalook #sadboysquad #mentallyill #ruinedmakeup #hipstertrash #aesthetic
diiscourse S*icide mention // self harm mention // Specific methods of suicide mentioned . . . . Unpopular opinion, but kinda part of what this account is for I suppose... . . "Kys/kill yourself/drink bleach/etc" jokes just really aren't funny. People are going to say I'm being oversensitive for this, but let's be real: you could be saying that to someone who's depressed, suicidal, or recovering. Hearing that, even as a joke, makes some people feel like shit. Hell, I've even heard people jokingly say "cut the other way" when someone mentions self harm. Like you're literally encouraging them to kill themself, and telling them how to easily do so. I just don't see what's funny about it. Suicide actually isn't funny, if you could take one goddamn second to realize that suicide is a result of severe mental illness and is fucking tragic. Note: some people joke about suicide and depression as a coping mechanism, and I think that as long as it isn't directed at other people (like telling them to kill themself) and if you put a warning for it then that's fine. -Mod Sherlock PS- you can get arrested for saying "kill yourself"!! Read my next post. --- #depression #suicide #Kys #suicidejokes #killyourself #mentalhealth #mentallyill
irl.archie @diiscourse yeah i do no worries
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ghastlycorpse I'm tryin' not to let it show, that I don't wanna let this go. Is there somewhere you can meet me?// #lyrics #effyourbeautystandards #motd #fatpunkaesthetic #fatbabe #mentallyill #halsey #hipstertrash #pastelpunk #pastelgoth #genderqueer #makeuponpoint #makeupisgenderless #aspiringmua #mua (makeup details can be posted if there is interest)
ghastlycorpse Eh fuck it, Born this way foundation in Vanilla by #TooFaced, hangover Rx face primer by @toofaced contour is a mix of #benefitcosmetics Hoola Bronzer and #coastalscents blush and bronzer palette, eyeliner is #Sephorabrand liquid eyeliner in black, palette used for the eyeshadow was entirely #chocolatebonbon by Too Faced, lipstick is @jeffreestar holiday collection in Sagittarius, brows are @anastasiabeverlyhills dib brow pomade in Chocolate
satirically_ill tldr; if you want a picture to have or to post, just dm me, and if you post it w/out tagging me (which is fine), just say a word or two about mental illness or stigma. I believe in satire as tool for helping to fight stigma, create conversation, and to play a part in the paradigm shift from shame to normalization. However, my fear is that any post I make, without context, could be taken incorrectly and therefor harm the mental health community. So here's the deal; i will send you any picture you want through DM, free of any watermark or tag, and you can have it just to keep, to post on your page, whatever. But if you do post something that I made on your own page without tagging me, just please say a few words about mental illness or even use a couple hashtags about stigma or something. I don't give a shit about #cred. I do give every shit about the stigma and perceived shame of having a mental illness. So let's fight it together. We will now return to our regularly scheduled programming of poorly written satire.
chronickimber And while you're doing fine, there's some people and I who have a really tough time getting through this life, so excuse us while we sing to the sky. • • • #mentallyill #mentalillness #mentalillnessawareness #ptsd #dissociation #bpd #borderlinepersonalitydisorder #anxiety #depression #insomnia #spoonie #invisblyill #invisibleillness #pcos #pain #chronicpain #dysthymia #eatingdisorder #bingeeatingdisorder #eatingdisorderrecovery
ruhannah12345 You look so much like mom beautiful❤️
diiscourse Ab*se tw // . . . . . Mental👏illness👏does👏not👏excuse👏abuse👏and👏abusive👏behavior👏 No one ever has to forgive /anyone/ who abuses or abused them because the person is mentally ill, and can't control themself. They are still abusing you. It is not an excuse, and it is not a reason that you should have to keep them in your life, forgive them, or allow them to keep hurting you. They should get help if they are a danger to themself and/or others, yes, but you do not need to forgive them. Don't let anybody tell you that you have to. -Sherlock --- #abuse #abusesurvivor #abusesurvivors #mentalillness #mentallyill #abusevictim
kinentries 👏👏👏👏👏👏
satirically_ill For realz tho, have you ever seen lithium without me? Always swinging in and out of hypomania like a jack ass when the solution is right here. If only for the sake of your meds mental health, and not yours, cause you obviously don't need them since you feel fine 'today', take your fucking pills!
sandy_rjp I had a dream about this girl who rubbed up against my bf and he did nothing. Then in my dream I started to walk outside to walk out to the street without looking hoping that someone was distracted and would run me over.
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idathoet Sorry for all the fitness posts! Have been debating whether or not to share this but I figured that little progress is still progress and, hopefully, it can help motivate others :) I have the thinnest arms while also being the strongest I have been in years atm. Suck it medicine and schizophrenia! #girlswithguns #chronicallyill #chronicillness #schizophrenia #suckit #medicinefree #fitnessmotivation #smallguns #stillgunsthough #freshoutoftheshower #plussize #plussizefitness #fuckschizophrenia #mentalillness #mentalillnessweightgain #mentallyill #mentalillnessrecovery #beatingschizophrenia #schizophreniasurvivor #thefaceofschizophrenia
kennethorum_666 Mere mand end Jonas
emmakirstineandresen Du ser super godt ud ☺️❤️
diiscourse Ableism // Mild violence // . . . . . . The next person who uses a mental illness as a plot device or to make their horror movie "extra spooky~~" is getting bitchslapped into the sun. That's lazy writing and contributes to the stigma against mentally ill people. -Mod Sherlock📻 --- #mentalillness #horror #horrormovie #mentallyill #horrorfilm #splitmovie
diiscourse Ableism // // // // // Anyways,, I don't care who you are, don't day "[insert something here] can't be a trigger..." You don't know the situation. A trigger is an association with something like trauma, bad memories, phobias, or something that triggers someone's anxiety or panic attacks, stuff like that. So back to the association thing. Let's say I'm listening to "Rolling in the Deep" on day, for example, when something horrible and traumatic happens to me. And from then on, when j hear "Rolling in the Deep," I have flashbacks to my traumatic experience (not really, this is an example). So "Rolling in the Deep" would be my trigger. So yeah, you don't really have a right to judge people's triggers. -Sherlock📻 --- #trigger #triggers #ableism #mentalillness #mentallyill #survivor #ptsd #anxiety #panicattacks
diiscourse @amethysts.discourse , another example for me is, i associate a cartoon i used to love with my trauma because i watched it while it happened. now, most of the time, when i see it i panic. -🍕
baeteas Awesome pic
satirically_ill whatever is left of my cynical dark heart that sees life through a lens of poorly written satire is yours for all the love; likes, comments, and DMs alike. You all fucking rock. Now take your seroquel or whatever helps you avoid night terrors and forget I made a post that was at least 18% heartfelt by tomorrow cause this was all the appreciation I had in my soul.
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mariemougne Finding friends with the same mental disorder than you is... priceless! (Non je suis même pas désolée mwahaha... coeur coeur) #mentallyill #lanormalitécestsurfait #28anstoujourspasadulte #mespetitesjoies #monprozacàmoi #weirdos @unicorn_dja @marinavcn
unicorn_dja C'est horrible ! J'adore :D
flora_zrd ❤️
morgynn_barker I think that we're all mentally ill; Those of us outside the asylums only hide it a little better and maybe not all that much better, after all.😈#fridaythe13th #tgif #happyfriday #mentallyill #stephenking
thedevonbean Babe😍
thedevonbean @tracefallon21 go away 😅😅
satirically_ill I admit, Yoga is super cool. You get your own mat. You get to act like mans best friend being downward. You get to wear those socks with the stickies on the bottom (can we agree there is no need for shoes anymore now that these beauties exist?) You actually have an excuse for the 19 pairs of leggings you own that you wear every day when you're not doing yoga. But it ain't therapy bro/lady bro. Therapy is therapy. You keep learning how to be a contortionist and wearing cool socks but if you've got an actual mental illness, also get in therapy. Meanwhile I'll be in the corner of the room with vodka in my water bottle trying to touch my finger tips to the floor, just happy I found an excuse to wear my sticky socks. Oh and that I've found inner peace cause someone who went to school for 8 years and has $300,000 of college debt helped me work through my fucked up thoughts.. mainly that part but also the sticky socks.. #yoga #yogapants #yogi #stickysocks
worth.of.fighting Agreed!! 🙏🏻💕
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baby_steps_to_recovery Dinner! I'm really serious about losing this weight, but I want to do it in a healthy way. When I found out I was overweight I got really worried about getting diabetes, it would really suck to have long term effects from this. I'm still sober, this weekend is gonna be a challenge though, because I know they're going to offer me drinks. I'm really missing my whine to be honest 😅 Just gotta stay strong! #looseweight #weightloss #weightcare #ed #ednao #edrecovery #eatingdisorderrecovery #healthyfood #health #healthy #mentalhealth #mentallyill #mentalillnessawareness #mentalillness #sober #sobriety
satirically_ill Slidin in that DM like "ayyy girl, you ever see a lithium dosage so high?" #tinder #tindernightmares
zirby.co awesome 👐
msmarilynmuffin Freitag der 13. und ich starte mit Schwung 😩 auf dem Weg zu meiner Ärztin hat es mir Sekunden gedauert bis meine Füße eiskalt und vor allem klatschnass waren. Meine Stiefel haben sich den richtigen Zeitpunkt zum undicht werden ausgesucht ❄☔💧 in der Bahn dann erstmal ne schlimme Panikattacke gehabt, so dass ich zwischendurch aussteigen und auf die nächste warten musste. Geschlafen hab ich natürlich auch kaum und gut schonmal gar nicht 🙄 #scheißtag . . . Who started Friday 13th right? I did! Just seconds in the muddy snow on my way to see my doc and my feet were soaking wet 😪 my boots decided to let all the water in today... ❄☔💧 then on the train I had a severe panic attack so that I had to jump off and wait for the next to come and calm down a little 😞 didn't have any good sleep last night either #thisdaysucks . . . #mentalhealth #mentalillness #mentalhealthawareness #mentallyill #depression #depressed #depressive #anxiety #anxietydisorder #anxietysucks #panicattack #panic #meandmyelephant #fridaythe13th
phelanwell24 That's cool!
thyl0westscum Csduujv th jkbhvg
piercedcuties Follow us and get featured! #dmus 😄
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mentally.ill.mess 💕 I have sooo many I could add to this... — (Not important): I literally spent half of last night terrified outta my mind because I was laying in bed in the dark and (with the light that gets in my room through the big window) I heard and saw these huge-ass fuckin' moths flying around everywhere and they would! not! leave! ~Lev 💕
writer_storyofalifeinterrupted Your just crazy......... it'll be better tomorrow..... pull your socks up.....other people are a lot worse off...... you're hyper sensitive....calm down you're overreacting......that's stupid..... do you have a brain.......do you know how many problems you cause.....just behave yourself....it's always about you.... do we have to discuss this again....💐
geek_ward I fully support her going to an acting/comedy skill to learn all the things she thinks she has
spread_the_word36 If that's the case. ..let pay rosie a visit 😉😉😉
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loverofyhwh #mentallyill Good Morning Instafam. Just wanted to share this info. I have Bipolar Affective Disorder with Rapid Cycling, which is one of the worst to have. If you take a look in my feed, I uploaded a video of MY DIAGNOSIS including PTSD and a few others. Every single day is a struggle for me. EVERY MOMENT. If you struggle, you're NOT alone. #bipolardisorder #rapidcycling #ptsd #anxiety #cannabisculture #marijuana #cannabis #kush #medicalmarijuana #medicalcannabis #reefer #blunts #weed
tweedledoob ❤❤❤
loverofyhwh @tweedledoob 🙏💚 Thank ya ☺
ultra.vxolencx 🌻 Pt. 2 🌻 When I first started dieting for real I was about 11 years old. I started counting calories and skipped lunch at school. Me and 2 of my friends at school had a "dieting club". We encouraged each other to loose weight. Basically we wanted to be anorexic.. and I know that's really fucked up. Anyways, I started to loose weight but I didn't think it went fast enough, so when I was 12 y/o I made myself throw up for the first time. At first I thought that I had it all under control, and I felt amazing and was happy, because you know now I could eat whatever I wanted without getting fat.. But it wasn't amazing. I purged more often, and I realised that I actually didn't control it anymore. When I ate I had some routines, for example I had to drink a glass of water before I could start eating, and after every meal I could feel the food coming up my throat without even doing anything. And I didn't even realise that what I did wasn't normal. But then, the spring 2014, I started getting better. I ate my first meal in school for more than a year. I thought that I was getting better, boii I was wrong..
xx_silver_kitten_xx Omg you're such a good writer I'm like really into this story now even though it's not a pleasant one