itsjaxalexander Love it when the hubby decides to cook #kentuckyfriedbois 🍗
itsgraemealexander @honeyroguedesign I said "Hi birdies, it's me, Ben Hay" and they literally flocked to me because you're trash
honeyroguedesign @itsgraemealexander lucky for you when frying chicken at home you can complete the KFC experience accurately by having a greasy box to put your bones in once you're done eating - its called your gob!
mitchy_harris Ldru and Peking did not dissappoint🙌🙌 #kentuckyfriedbois #galleryofrudeheads
rickapedia So glad you saved this photo your face is priceless @mitchy_harris 😂👌
mitchy_harris Couldn't let it be lost to the snapchat archives😂 @rickapedia