demilovatogoalsicona I dunno what should I do with my first post. I'm just gonna say: hi guys what are you doing? 😊💚 @ddlovato #demilovato #sorrynotsorry #lazy #period #mood
beautyliesineverybody Hay does anyone know if these are part of @ddlovato #skechers range. #demilovato @skechers_uk Thank you xx
godhateslynda It's time for me to take it I'm the boss right now Not gonna fake it Not when you go down - - - #demilovato #deminator #confident #like4like #l4l #photography #photo #green #flower #nature
kittieposts this was honestly a big moment for the music industry. 💦 #arianagrande
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lihgtweight + i've seen a lot of people post things like, "i'm fat", "i'm ugly", "i'm unwanted", etc. and it truly breaks my heart. i don't want to tell anyone how to feel but i just want you to know that all of those things aren't true one bit. your physical appearance doesn't define you, the number on a scale doesn't define you, your interpersonal relationships don't define you, what matters is that you love yourself and find the courage inside to love others too. please be gentle with yourselves, your heart and mind are the most beautiful things about you. if anyone ever needs anything i'm here 100%. ❤️ #demilovato
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favoritexgirl Put cake mix in my pussy then fuck me so hard and fast that it cooks 350 degrees and we can make our wedding cake
blonde_bieber Can you check my first video edit?!
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ddemiscookies Demi, MTV Hottest dalına aday oldu. Tweet atarak ve retweet yaparak oy verebilirsiniz. Tweet atarken '#MTVHottest Demi Lovato' yazmanız yeterli olur. @ddlovato #DemiLovato ~ My twitter acc: godcatsdaughter
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madicsn 🎈💓🌬⭐️✨😼
okbradison 😍😍😍
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ddemiwarrior Sorry Not Sorry, şuanda Spotify Amerika ve dünya çapında en çok dinlenen kadın sanatçı şarkısı. #DemiLovato
onuruzun1995 Ayy demim yaaa yerler seni ve şarkını çok tatlısım senin gibi bir kadın tabikide zirvede olacak yaşasın böyle haberleri duydukça çok mutlu oluyırum yaaa birtanem benşm 😘😘😘😘
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fuceii Novo casal??? @neymarjr foi flagrado ontem por fas saindo do estadio com a cantora #demilovato @ddlovato (o jogador aparece no começo do vídeo e ela de costas no final). quem shippa mores? #Brumar💔 rachou mesmo.
briasimone_ Baby I'm SORRY!!! I wish I could attend a #michellekeyschoreo #powerclass but I'm too far away! I just had to teach myself this amazing dance @madeline_massingill created!!! And yes, I learned it from Instagram!!! Had so much fun doing this! @michelleckeys #Dallas #MichelleKeys #dance #SorryNotSorry #demilovato
briasimone_ @michelleckeys lol aww thank you!! I'm for sure getting to a class one day!
madeline_massingill Love this so much!!💕 you're bomb girl!🤘🏽
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melloochphotos Demi Lovato Honda Civic Tour/FutureNow Tour with Nick Jonas & Mike Posner Camden,New Jersey BB&T Pavilion (July 14,2017) ----------------------- •shot with Canon PowerShot SX230 #hondacivictour #futurenowtour #camdennj #bbtpavilion #demilovato #nickjonas #mikeposner #canonphotography #canonpowershot
mk_and_dk_photographer 👍👍👍👍👍
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revista_atrevida Fala sério: a @ddlovato é a celeb mais brasileira que você respeita. 😍 A diva postou um vídeo vibes sensual e usou uma legenda em português! Como não amar? 🇧🇷❤️ #demilovato #revistaatrevida
le_oficiaal AMOOO ESSA MULHER❤❤❤❤❤❤❤@ddlovato
_thaynteixeira Ela é maravilhosa isso sim
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avukathanm_mka Depression isn't a joke..Suicide isn't a joke..People should be respect and help.Everybody must be thoughtful.Demi Lovato is fighting with mental illness and she helps the others.She saved and still saving other people's life.Like she said;"I WANT TO CHANGE THAT".She is changing that. So,you can do this."YOU WILL WIN THE WAR IF YOU FIGHT." @ddlovato #DEMILOVATO #mentalillness #notimpossible
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pleasingari ♡… ;[03:10pm] 3 years today👼🏼💔 @arianagrande #arianagrande #arianator