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bellarke_au_ My first thought was that it was Ryder I had texted him earlier for the first time after such a long while telling him about the assignment packet I was supposed to give him about dropping by only to find out that no one was home For a second I didn't want to answer the call but then I realized it was Bellamy calling I picked it up rather reluctantly not quite sure why he was calling"Hello?"I called out hesitantly"Bad news" he said in lieu of a hello Immediately I straightened in my seat"What?" "I got careless" he told me There was a nervous lilt to his voice and I could almost imagine him reaching up to rub the back of his neck with one hand"I forgot to hide the dress you used to the picnic" "Octavia's dress?" I asked him my brows creasing in confusion "So?" "My mom saw it and I had to explain and tell her everything about why she found one of dead sister's dresses in the laundry" Still not sure where he was going with this I stayed quiet and waited I heard him take a deep breath before finally saying"My mom wants to meet you" ❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀ CHAPTER 19 IS UP Im sorry sorry sorry I've been super busy with school Seriously my school is 13 hour(s) a day Anyway sorry again Did u like it? Don't forget to COMMENT #bellarkeau#bellarkeau#lovestory#bully#bullying#the100#bellarke#bellamy#lexa#bellarkekiss#bellarkehug#bellarkekiss#bellarkesex#sexy#clexamy#clexamy#clexa #the100#Bellarke#bellarke#bellarke#the100#Bellamy#Clarke#bellamy#clarke#the100#the100#Bellarke#christmas#S4the100#badboy#novels#books#kassmorgan#Stories#Romance#romance#romantic
kajsaeliasson17 I really liked it. I'm going to write more specific later because I have to go now
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bellarke_au_ And I was also utterly confused Part of me was relieved to have an excuse to check up on him to make sure he was all right and it just didn't make sense because Ishould have eradicate this fucking part of me the moment he walked away and left But it stayed and now I was left storming out of the school building pissed at Mr Callahan for his ridiculous"buddy system" and pissed at life for working out this way and pissed at myself for being this pathetic girl who couldn't even make herself stop caring about a person she hated Bellamy was waiting with Warren and Rev in the parking lot when I reached the parking lot Bellamy hadn't seen me at first but when he did the easy smile on his face immediately disappeared"Hey" he said"What's up?" "Can we make a stop before you drive me home?"He lifted his hands in a why not gesture"Of course Where to?"I swallowed past the lump in my throat clutching the folder so hard I could feel it bending in my tightening hold "Ryders house" Bellamy stopped at Ryders house For a second neither of us moved as we sat there in front of the house just looking at it I didn't know what was running through his mind but a million thoughts were racing on mine An overbearing sense of nostalgia almost made it difficult for me to move paralyzing me with flashbacks and snippets of moments I had with Ryder of the days I had gone to this very house because I found it as a safe haven of sorts treated it as a home because mine didnt feel like one Now here I was and the thought of walking up the driveway and ringing the doorbell much less going inside the house in the first place was enough to make me feel like telling Bellamy to drive away for him to put as much as distance as he could from this house I had filled Bellamy about why I had to come here during the ride Besides that we didn't talk much Now Bellamy turned to look at me"Do you want me to hand it to him for you?"I shook my head no, gritting my teeth together before pushing the passenger door open My knees felt wobbly but I managed to walk all the way from the car to the porch #bellarkeau#bellarkeau#lovestory#bully#bullying#the100#bellarke#bellamy#lexa#bellarkekiss#bellarkehug#bellarkekiss#lexa
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bellarke_au_ Ryder wasnt the type to skip classes unless it was completely necessary so a part of me-the part that kept betraying me for still giving a fuck-was worried It was weird to have this class without him sitting next to me I'd gotten used to the tension and the awkwardness the hostility that filled the air I'd expected it to feel nice to be able to breathe in this classroom for a change but it didn't I knew I should relax that I should be glad he wasnt in class but after these past few days of being too painfully aware of the distance-or lack thereof-between us I found it weird to suddenly be free of his presence Bu even though his seat was empty my mind kept flashing back to thoughts of him, my concentration on the lecture occasionally slipping to continue the internal debate I was having with myself I couldnt help it, really It wasn't so much as the fact that I missed him because I'd like to think I didnt but more so that the two of us have always been looking out for each other ever since we became best friends all those years ago When he found out my father had passed away and he told me his mother had left it was like we promised we'd take care of each other and even now that we were done I couldn't stop myself from worrying The bell rang I was putting away my stuff running a mental list of the things I needed to do for my other classes-a Geometry homework, a short essay for Lit a Chem exam I had to review for-when I realized Mr Callahan was calling my name I looked up at him just as I zipped my bag close"Yes Sir?" "You're Ryder smiths buddy?"When I nodded he grabbed a folder from the top of the table It was the same one he'd distributed to the rest of the class right before we were dismissed"I already have my packet Sir" I said confused He regarded me with a stern look "Im aware Miss Griffin but see to it that Mister smiths gets his"I blinked but I knew I couldn't say no not really so I bit back a protest and I reached for the folder I walked out of the classroom feeling pissed for being forced into meeting Ryder It felt like I had just avoided one bullet only to get hit by another #bellarkeau#bellarkeau#lovestory#bully#bullying#the100#bellarke#bellamy#lexa
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bellarke_au_ but they instantly paled the moment they recognized me If I wasn't mistaken they were freshmen Cute I'd given them a confident grin as I took my time to wash my hands on trying not to enjoy(at least not too much) watching them squirm By the time I finished telling him this he was laughing"I wasnt aware you were playing a card on me all this time Griffin" "Oh you shut up" "Clarke"Lexa squealed almost as soon as Bellamy and I approached the table I didn't miss that brief satisfied look on her face as she eyed our looped pinkies I was reminded of Saturday night when Bellamy and I had emerged from the Ferris wheel and walked over to them with our hands linked together It was Bellamys idea "This way"he said"they wont have to ask if we made up"He was right They had simply took one look at us before declaring we needed to grab"real dinner" (as Justin had put it)satisfied that their plan had worked. The same pleased look was on Lexas face now as well as Lily's and I found myself feeling somewhat embarrassed"What's up?"Justin asked us Bellamy sent me a quick glance one corner of his lips turned up just the slightest bit"Well Clarke and I were just discussing the tricks she had to pull just to get me to like her"Bellamy said as he pulled a seat out I waited for him to sit before realizing he pulled it out for me"Apparently I was only playing hard to get"I added as I casually sat down"Inside joke"Bellamy explained when simply gave us weird looks Rev groaned"Exactly what we needed. Another couple in this table Dan and Lily are enough thank you very much"Lily picked up a fry and threw it at him"You love us" "Grudgingly so" I had been so used to walking into my History class and steeling myself to an hour of sitting next to Ryder that I found it jarring when I walked into class without him in his seat At first I thought he might have simply been late expecting him to come in hair disheveled and clothes rumpled five or so minutes after the period had officially begun but the clock continued to tick and fifteen minutes into the class I realized he might just really be absent I wasn't sure what to make of this #bellarkeau#bellarkeau#lovestory#bully#bullying#the100#bellarke
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bellarke_au_ There was a slight crease in her eyebrows that revealed her uneasiness and while I wasn't sure what she could possibly be worried about I averted my gaze and continued to walk past her pretending I didnt care about what she thought when the truth was that I did care The worst part was that I didnt think our friendship would really just end there after the fight we had a few weeks ago It was like I knew at the back of my mind that we would somehow find out way back to each other Now that I'd seen why she had chosen to take Ryders side in the first place however I knew our friendship was beyond salvation The betrayal went too deep and removing whatever shard of glass she had stabbed me with would be completely utterly impossible to do I was wrong when I thought Bellamy had only been kidding He really did want us to start acting like a couple because as soon as first period was up he followed me to my locker to kiss me We kissed the way we did during the party-somewhat gentle and slow and unhurried I didn't like this sort of blatant public display of affection in broad daylight but I was almost certain that Bellamy and I didn't make out in that disgusting way where it looked more like we were eating each other's faces off or shoving our tongues down each the other's throats or swapping spit or whatever gross images kissing probably triggered During lunch he met me at my locker As we walked to the cafeteria he did that thing again where he looped his pinky with mine Now as Bellamy and I walked towards the cafeteria I said"I heard you'd be dumping me by the end of the week"He raised an eyebrow at this"I will?"I told him about what I heard earlier when I was in the bathroom Some girls talking about Bellamy and me saying they couldn't believe Bellamy was officially in a relationship"I think"I heard one of them say through the cubicle door"that Bellamy will dump her by the end of the week He only thinks he likes her because she's playing hard to get Quite pathetic really for her to play that card"I walked out of the cubicle when the girl's friend started to say something about me #bellarkeau#bellarkeau#lovestory#bully#bullying#the100#bellarke#bellamy#lexa#bellarkekiss
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murphamy.trash Heya all! πŸ‘πŸ˜‡ I just want to say quick HI to all of you and welcome you to my new page 😊 ~ You'll find EVERYTHING that's somehow relatable with The 100, mainly Murphamy (trash here πŸ‘‹), but also other ships, the cast etc. ~ I'm gonna post everything, really. Edits, videos, collages, confessions, opinions, etc. ~ I hope you are going to like my page πŸ˜‡ I'm gonna try to do everything so you can feel good here. Thank you ALL for your future support ❀ /J ~ #johnmurphy #murphy #the100 #johnmurphythe100 #murphythe100 #the100murphy #the100johnmurphy #richardharmon #the100cast #bellarke #bellamy #bellamyblake #murphamy #clarkegriffin #lexa #commanderlexa #jasperjordan
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bellarke_au_ was the only one who kept insisting I should at least try to talk to her I was far too stressed out with things between my mom and me so the moment we got to the school I felt as if the energy had been drained right out of me I deflated a little but forced myself to climb out of the car anyway Bellamy locked that car before walking over to where I was standing Then without even thinking twice about it he grabbed my hand I gave him a puzzled look startled by the sudden contact as he laced his fingers through mine"This way they'll know for sure we're together"he said"They're probably wondering what's up with us after the kiss last Friday"Just the mention of it was enough to make me blush and I had to struggle to keep a straight face"Okay" "You might want to get rid of the pinched look on your face though"he said eyes sparkling with amusement"How can you convince people we're in love if you keep looking like that?"What he didn't know of course was that the only reason my brows were creased together was because I had to concentrate on keeping my thoughts off of the kiss we shared I just glared at him before I began to walk and tug him with me"I was thinking" he said as we made our way across the parking lot"that since we're technically boyfriend-girlfriend now we need to start acting like it"My eyes snapped to his but he was looking straight ahead"We're-we're holding hands If that isn't enough to reinforce the idea of our relationship I don't know what is" "We'll see"was his reply a small smirk forming on his face I gave him a wary look but he didn't try to make a move so I figured he was just trying to get a reaction out of me In any case he was right We did get a lot of reactions from the other students especially when we began to walk along the main hallway to get to homeroom I could feel a couple of eyes following our linked hands as we wove through the crowd of students hustling to get to their class before the bell rang Right before we got to the classroom we had to walk past Raven I didn't see her at first but when I did she was looking at me her eyes carefully following me and Bellamy #bellarkeau#bellarkeau#lovestory#bully#bullying#the100#bellarke#bellamy
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bellarke_au_ So I called Bellamy and told him about my situation He agreed to be my ride to and from school Until when neither of us knew yet and when I tried to apologized he merely said"I would have picked you up anyway since it would reinforce the fact that we are now technically in a relationship'"I snorted"I dont see how either one of us should suddenly be incapable of driving just because we're going out" "Well for one it makes it easier for us to hang out after school"he said "Plus think of it as your contribution to mother nature"I bit down on my lower lip to fight a smile He must have known that howupset I really was about not having my car or about the fact that mom and I were simply not in good terms and if this was his way of cheering me up it was working Not because he was good at it but because his attempts were so pathetic they were enough to lift my spirits up "Im serious"he said when I didn't look too convinced"This way you're not contributing to pollution and you're not using up non-renewable resources In fact we should convince people to carpool more often" "It's all right Bellamy" I told him"Really It's fine"He gave me a quick sideways glance momentarily taking his eyes off the road before looking back immediately Then in a quiet voice he said "Your mom could cut your allowance you know Or take away your phone" "I don't care"I said looking out the window "Not even if she kicks me out"Id been trying not to think of that possibility For the past week I had done nothing but piss her off more And I was doing it on purpose, which should have probably taken the anger a couple notches up It wouldn't be long until she was completely fed up of the daughter she hadnt"raised this way"She did however leave me my allowance on the counter earlier this morning so maybe the whole getting kicked to the curb thing wont come until much much sooner The funny thing was that she didnt like Bellamy She was convinced that he was a bad influence on me that he was the one who brought out this rebellious side of me and that I should know better than to stay with"that boy" #bellarkeau#bellarkeau#lovestory#bully#bullying#the100#bellarke#bellamy#lexa#bellarkekiss#bellarkehug#bellarke
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bellarke_au_ As soon as I saw Bellamys car turn to my street I stood up from the porch steps I didnt wait for him to get out of the car or open a window I just half-jogged towards the curb and got in as quickly as I could"Drive"I said before I even had the chance to shut the door close He gave me a puzzled look but didn't argue as he shifted gears and started to drive"What's wrong?"I bit down my lower lip wondering how, exactly, to answer that before saying"Im fine" "That doesnt answer my question Clarke" "Mom was home"I said"I just wanted to get out of there as soon as possible"I already told him that Mom and I had argued again when I arrived home two nights ago after our trip to Cloudland They had dropped me off at nearly midnight and I expected my mother to be asleep by then but the moment I walked in she had jumped into her lecture I vowed not to fight her to give her my silence as an answer knowing that was enough to let her know what I was feeling so I stuck to monosyllabic replies until she gave up and let me go to sleep The next day I stayed the whole day in my room and only got out when I went to grab some food It felt like the longest Sunday ever I hadnt talked to Mom at all and she seemed just as determined to give me the silent treatment too It was suffocating I made myself care less and less and less until I hardly cared about what she thought anymore but there was no way I could fully ignore her presence so I tried to keep away and I was thoroughly relieved when Monday rolled around happy to have a reason to get out of the house Mom had hidden my car keys when I was asleep Or at least I thought so I always always put them on top of my bedside drawer and I distinctly remembered leaving them there the last time I used the car but when I woke up this morning they were nowhere to be found I didn't ask Mom about them knowing that was exactly what she wanted me to do It was her way of grounding me, I knew and perhaps she was expecting me to drop the fight and apologize and grovel at her feet but she should have known there was no way I would lose this fight Not to her #bellarkeau#bellarkeau#lovestory#bully#bullying#the100#bellarke#bellamy#lexa#bellarkekiss#bellarke
bennettsfire β€” Sorry legends only cc @regimechxlls dt @hybridqueens + sorry for the glitches I can't edit
siredtofray I LOVE THIS
graunheda πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ½
official_wicked_raven Alternative facts!
wickd_malec I stan him so fucking hard I can't believe I used to dislike him - - not mine - #bellamyblake #bellarke #flarke #linctavia #clarkegriffin #clexa #wellsjaha #finncollins #octaviablake #johnmurphy #ravenreyes
the100_clarkeg Rasper is legit gonna be endgame, I'm telling you! So my school exam week starts today and I have faith in History, Geography, English and German but not in Netherlands & Economy...oops? - Qotp: economy or maths?
woah.bellarke YASSSSSS
daddybellarke it's my fave, clork greffens bday aka my best friend emilys birthday, so show her some love, dorks 😘 btw bellabean loves you clork, platonically, yes. :) #bellarke #bellamyblake #bobmorley #elizataylor #clarkegriffin #the100 #teenwolf #shadowhunters #scream #screamqueens #f4f
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siredtonoora " and when the seasons change " ___________ so i'm going to be using black borders for this theme. hopefully i don't keep changing up the borders. ___________ first clip: star wars second clip: supergirl third clip: star wars: attack of the clones fourth clip: the 100 fifth clip: supergirl sixth clip: the 100 seventh clip: the 100 eighth clip: the 100 tenth clip: supergirl ___________ fc: 175 ___________ ignore tags: #starwars #anakinskywalker #darthvader #haydenchristensen #princessleia #carriefisher #the100 #clexa #bellarke #clarkegriffin #commanderlexa #lexa #bellamyblake #octaviablake #supergirl #sanvers #alexdanvers #maggiesawyer
octavicblake + okay i'm just finishing the row of this theme, y'all voted mostly for 4 which was also my fave πŸ’…πŸ» so i'll start that new theme tomorrow with lots of edits from the new season 4 clip released!
octavicblake @the.one.girl_ what do you mean..?
the.one.girl_ For videos
stydias.stan Make me choose: Lucas or [Nathan] - In the first few episodes I actually hated Nate and was completely in the Lucas lane, but ever since I saw Nate's development I swerved lanes. Easily the best male in oth (for me anyways). Yeah, he was a complete asshole in the start, but since then he has changed.
naseemasamsodien Yes this is so me. I liked Lucas but liked Nathan in the later seasons
lauuraarellano @emmaafoxx πŸ‘…πŸ‘…
sterollarke [katie's edits] can you guys believe Bellamy was once willing to cut off Clarke's hand to prevent himself from being executed but now he's willing to disobey orders and disguise himself to save Clarke from a grounder without giving a shit if he dies or not wow. . . . . . . #bellarke #bellamyandclarke #bellarkemoments #bellamyblake #clarkegriffin #the100 #the100edit #the100edits #the100cw #the100season3 #bobmorley #elizataylor #beliza #bellarkehug #bellarkeisendgame #bellarkeedit #bellarkeforever #the100season4 #the100fandom
angiejoness I love them with all my heart
clarkeandbellamy Me when people say they have no chemistry: πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
hedaasf me at salty bellarke fans. goodnight.β™‘
beachybellarke YassπŸ’•πŸ’πŸ’–πŸ˜˜ "we want bellarke" comment if its trueπŸ‘‡πŸΌ #likeforlike #clarkgriffin #bellamyblake #bellarke #the100
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extreme_fandoms Ok, there are officially 10 days left till THE 100 SEASON 4 premiere IM SUPER EXCITED πŸ˜­πŸ’• The S4 posted is being released tomorrow, so keep watch on my story! β€’ β€’ Finn is such a fashionista πŸ’πŸ»πŸ’• @finnwolfhardofficial β€’ β€’ Comment πŸ’• or 🎲 to be tagged in my next S. T. edit! β€’ β€’ #The100 #T100 #Bellarke #PrettyLittleLiars #PLL #Ezria #TheWalkingDead #TWD #Glaggie #TheFosters #Braillie #FearTWD #StrangerThings #Milleven #Jancy
svmmeroberts TOP 20 OTPS: 19. Bellarke
svmmeroberts I know this feels low but it's not, I have thousands of otps. But they did go down, they were so much higher but idk. If they do happen they will probably go up again. #bellarke #the100 #bellamyblake #clarkegriffin
svmmeroberts But I love them vv much & hope they happen bc talk about development and chemistry ohgod
gilmoresmarianos 8/15 of my top 15 otps of all time β€” damon & elena β€’ they are endgame & iconic & no can tell me otherwise. she changed him for the better, but they aren't higher on the list because they're v v problematic which even as a delena shipper i'll admit. but i have a soft spot for them either way β€’ [ vc: idk lemme know if it's your's ]
punpillows Nice post ❀️
gilmoregazette Delenaaa 😻
wanhedapetrova PLEASE READ! I got a new username because I am going to be making a lot of The 100 and TVD edits πŸ˜ƒβ€οΈ #the100 #wanheda #clarkegriffin #elizataylor #katherinepierce #katerinapetrova #tvd #thevampirediaries #tvdcast #ninadobrev #clexa #bellarke #delena #stelena #steferine #datherine #theoriginals
sabsstydia KEEN FOR S4 TO SEE THEM RISE {#bellamyblake #clarkegriffin #bellarke}
sabsstydia i've become so anti clexa again lmao oops, emma the clexa stanβ„’ was fun while it lasted!!1!1! {#anticlexa #bellarke #bellamyandclarke #camilacabello #sabsstydiaedits}
jordanspam.s I never shipped clexa in the first place Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―
bellarkewillhappen ugh im jealous of bellarke. why cant i have this. and is this edit okay? Γ— Γ— Γ— Γ— Γ— #thehundred #the100 #cwthe100 #cwthehundred #bellamyblake #clarkegriffin #bobmorley #elizataylor #BELLARKE #shehasbellamy #bellarkeisendgame #like #follow
sabsstydia you made me hate clexa again :))) @lexassantanico {#anticlexa #bellarke}
one_eye_grimes MY OTP πŸ’•πŸ˜«πŸ’– this isn't TWD or Carl or Chandler but still I love Bellamy and Clarke β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ #the100 #bellarke #bellamyblake #bellamy #blake #clarkegriffin #clarke #griffin #bellarke #season4 #the100season4
wasteland_warriors Very nice! πŸΊπŸ‘
one_eye_grimes It is my account tho πŸ˜‚ @tre_gon_10
bellarkeismyotp It seems like they are going to be a team again and save the world together and I am so hyped 😍❀️~ ~ #the100 #thehundred #bellarke #bellamyblake #octaviablake #skikru #clarkegriffin #elizataylor #bobmorley #linctavia #trikru #grounders #the100season4 #memori #kabby #ravenreyes
hxda.blake Finally Bell seems to have his head screwed on straight πŸ˜‚ I hope it stays that way
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kingblake2013 Day 21: favourite Blake β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’ so it was really hard but I think I'll have to say Bellamy is my favourite Blake,which is really hard to choose, but like it says he's come a long way from "Whatever the hell we want" and he's the heart of the 100 without all of the hundred would probably be dead and he gives them hope.❀️ #bellamyblake #bellarke #the100 #the100season4 #the10030daychallenge
katejsedits Nina is life goalsπŸ˜πŸ’ž
moviebox_official So adorable
enchantedbathbombs For real though
breathingdelena Can I have this in a au please?❀ Since I never talked about last episode, I actually died for a little bit because of all the delena feels and I stan Caroline so much because of her compassion for bringing Damon's memories back. She has developed so much, and I couldn't be more proud of her. And I hate how people are mad because she "gave up on Stefan" Or how Damon is weak because they're bringing Elena in there. Hell no. For starters, Caroline would never give up on Stefan. So don't even think that because apparently you don't watch the show. And Elena is Damon's humanity, his happiness. So yes, they're going to be throwing her in there alot because she is what he cares about. And get over yourselves, delena is endgame. Damon is the strongest character on the whole damn show. He has had so much development it's insane. He's suffered more than anyone, more than Bonnie or even Elena. So please stop with the whole Damon is weak thing because you're wrong. #delena #damonsalvatore #elenagilbert #thevampirediaries #delenaaliveandhappy #stefansalvatore #carolineforbes #bonniebennet #iansomerhalder #ninadobrev #paulwesley #stydia #stilesstilinski #lydiamartin #teenwolf #scottmccall #maliatate #dylanobrien #hollandroden #shelleyhenning #tylerposey #bellarke #bellamyblake #clarkegriffin #bobmorley #elizataylor #nian
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queenxtavia FOR ALL "THE FOSTERS" FANS, I'M GOING TO BE DOING A THIS OR THAT. I NEED AT LEAST SIX. SO PLEASE COMMENT QUESTIONS SUCH AS CALLIE OR JUDE, JESUS OR BRANDON, ect. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’• β–ͺ β–ͺ β–ͺ ΠΊΞΉgΟƒΠΈ ΡƒΟƒ gσиρℓєι Keep fighting β–ͺ β–ͺ β–ͺ { #the100 #linctavia #bellarke #clexa #bellamyblake #octaviablake #lincoln #clarkegriffin #lexa #monty #jasper #} { #teenwolf #containment #shameless #thefosters #shadowhunters #arrow #flash #vampirediaries #drwho #sherlock #izombie #supergirl #thecw #theoriginals #onetreehill #janethevirgin #supernatural #supergirl }