Paul Cristina

Current Exhibition: We Were Never Told the Truth About the Dying of the Sun (2nd Install) Redux Contemporary Art Center, Charleston,SC
paul_cristina (detail) - work in progress
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paul_cristina Sculpture/Installation: Under the Thoughts and Movements Associated with a Collapse of Self- - (paper mache, acrylic, oil, plastic lace, wire & wood)- approx. 12ft x 3ft x 4.5ft- *Relocated/Reinstalled and currently on view at Redux Contemporary Art Center @reduxartcenter
paul_cristina Detail crop of a new piece in progress (early layers & beginning sketch phase) charcoal on found paper - 60x48"
artworkbymichaelwall Pfffft, too good πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
paul_cristina detail crop no.2
paul_cristina detail crop of a work in progress
apachkova Complex!
paul_cristina Study no.5 charcoal, pen, collage on paper 11x14", 2017 private collection
dillonsamuelson So cool πŸ™Œ
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paul_cristina This particular method that I demonstrate here is known to be fairly advanced, yet it is often underestimated and disregarded by many experienced painters and University professors throughout the world. . This method requires a high degree of sophisticated, prerequisite knowledge that involves a complex assortment of Old Master techniques that I studied in Florence while working as a janitor for an elementary school. It was originally through my diligent janitorial duties where I first learned the importance of these secret methods, as they were faithfully taught to me by Italy's Society of Instructional Janitorial Masters for the Unified Educational Methodology and Classical Reasoning Practices of Human and Moral Sanctity (SIJMUEMCRPHMS). . After many years of contemplation, I have finally decided to share these closely guarded methods with the rest of the world, as I felt they should no longer remain secret. I strongly encourage beginner artists to approach these techniques with extreme caution, as they can potentially lead to fatal injury and/or considerable embarrassment amongst your peers and family members. . If you require additional clarification or safety recommendations, please do not hesitate to ask me any further questions. Thank you.
ronniecay πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘Œtoo good ❀️
xpr_ludwig πŸ–€ I really look forward to these. I laugh rarely, but these lessons leave me in stitches! Thank you
paul_cristina Secret Painting Method / Episode no.26
katyshayne Better stop sharing all them secrets
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paul_cristina Building a face in 5 steps (swipe)--> charcoal/BFK paper
apachkova Perfection
augmented_aesthetic Step one was done.
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paul_cristina Detail of a work in progress- Oil, charcoal, oil pastel on paper, 30x40" (early stages & initial layers)
apachkova A dance! A poem. Anima Mundi.
paul_cristina from last year: Head Study no.5, charcoal on bristol, 23 x 18 in / 58.4 x 45.7cm
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svandermerwe oooooooo.... paul..., this one is special πŸ‘ŒπŸ» @paul_cristina
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paul_cristina In her new home
darkartandcraft Amazing work
xpr_ludwig Perfect!
paul_cristina Short video of my sculpture/installation. Shot with GoPro Hero Music: Paul Cristina "The Heart Will Bury Itself" Β©2017
artworkbymichaelwall Everything about this is great. The piece, music, & video. Very nice job. You are never a let down my man.
jamespetrucci Love it!
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paul_cristina Today is the final day to see "We Were Never Told the Truth About the Dying of the Sun" . Many sincere thanks to everyone for all the love and support that we received throughout the duration of this show...We had a great run. - - Stop by @beresford_studios at 20 Fulton Street today from 12-4pm to see the show before it's gone. . "Little Girl" Charcoal, acrylic on paper mounted to canvas 48" x 60"
transient_art_gallery One of the most stunning works I've ever seen. πŸ™
noelcalvoart I adore your work, very raw. I aspire to create work like yours
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paul_cristina Sculpture/Installation: Under the Thoughts and Movements Associated with a Collapse of Self- - (paper mache, acrylic, oil, plastic lace, wire & wood)- approx. 12ft x 3ft x 4.5ft- - *will be posting a video soon to show details and multiple angles- Currently on view @beresford_studios through July 9 #installation #sculpture
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briancolemanart Beauty, well done
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paul_cristina framed shot of Study no.2 - charcoal, pen, collage on found paper, 11x22", 2017 -On view @beresford_studios through July 9- This is the piece that opened the doorway and influenced the rest of the series. For these studies, I was concerned about abandoning intellect. - Working in an abject manner on discarded and rubbish surfaces allowed me to approach the work with no inhibition. It facilitated the freedom of doing without thinking and without being concerned about the final results. I wanted to abandon the preciousness that we usually associate with our own work. - It's about trusting yourself...Trusting your intuition and capabilities as an artist without the burden of intellectualizing it. For small moments in time we can sometimes work without fear, doubt, anxiety and's a great place to be but can take a long time to get there. And being able to stay in that state is even more difficult.
transient_art_gallery Love this entire collection of latest works! Superb! πŸ‘πŸ‘
sarapittmanstudio Beautifully written... great talking to you as well! It was a pleasure. Hope to see you again very soon
paul_cristina We Were Never Told the Truth About the Dying of the Sun - charcoal, oil, acrylic on paper mounted to canvas, 36x36", 2017- On view @beresford_studios through July 9
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alma.goering Strong!
paul_cristina Until Nothing Comes - (swipe for detail shots) #charcoal #oil #acrylic #mixedmedia
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deathhaus Exquisite as always. Ugh.