People on photo: delphinenoiztoy
charliexbarker This baby is healing 🏁 thanks to the wonderful Delphine♥️
spiritualtsunami Is that a real plug or fake? either way WHERE is it from (love it) I'm referring to the white tribal one.
rosiebeggs12 Charlie, interesting ears! X
inga_kornienko_ Wooooooooooow
pinkpistols900 Cooool 😎
fraicheursdelaus @noemieheinzer ton oreille bientôt
becogiu @nobodysgurrl deve fare stra male secondo me!
abbylouisef @stevieodette i was gonna send you this like 'ear goals'
luuk.mdk @guiltyissues omg that tattoo
black_collision God I love that
sophcmarshall @amylaurenthompson omg I know, I saw it last night....absolute dream
anny_bullet Amazing
ffsrob Rad
7seas.apparel This looook is 🔥
demongrill Aaah they all look so painful ;__;
aylinruiz031199 @ktrinid yo también quiero asiiiiií
ktrinid @aylinruiz031199 quiero de esosss
gretallobet Omfgggg
gonwitharose Vans the ear... wall... ear 👌❤😂😍
mrbls love
e.klesia @mistycult anjg ini mah preman