colinchristian 'Arachnid Assassin' 28" resin, human hair and acrylic. I had an idea that Mother Nature got so pissed off that she created master assassins that would go around reducing our numbers. In this case, a spider guy has a gun that shoots super Spider DNA, that makes any wound instantly sprout legs and eyes and teeth. I was going to do an Octopus one, with tentacles shooting out of the back of a persons head, black ink instead of blood!😱😱😱😈💀😜😳 I could do a whole series, 'Mother Nature has had enough!' Where our eggs and sperm grow into creepy bugs that eat us alive inside and out, bursting out of our balls and vaginas!! Goodnight, sleep tight..........😱
thedanielleblue Fuck dude
missdirect2u Great idea and this piece is spiderific. I like the idea of a series. Reminds me a bit of the idea behind The Happening. I wish that movie had been done better because the premise was dark and serious.