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ryanintheus People ask me if I miss Australia and the answer is absolutely, yes. I had an incredible childhood, I lived in the city, but every chance we got my parents took my sister and I out to the country to explore and enjoy one of the world's most rugged and beautiful landscapes. My youth was spent wandering through the majestic Kari forests of the South West, running along the beautiful white beaches of the West Coast or looking for gold in the harsh, dry outback. We did it all, which was the best education we could have asked for. As a result my sister and I developed incredible relationships with the land and the ocean. The aboriginals call the area where they come from "country", they know their country better than any one else could. They know the animals, smells, sounds, dangers and sources of food and water. This sense of country is why I'll always feel more at home in the Australian wilderness than beautiful US wilderness. I grew up with those smells, sounds, animals and while I don't have the connection to country my aboriginal friends have, I most certainly feel a sense of home when I'm there. I spend countless hours these days exploring the incredible mountains of the PNW, but I'm always aware that my senses are off, that even though I'm completely blown away and humbled by the incredible scenes I'm so lucky to witness, I can't read this country like my own. It's a different language to me, one that I'm learning, but will never be as fluent in as my own. So yes, I miss Australia because it's my country, it's where my soul feels at home. Where's your country? Do you miss it too? 🇦🇺 . . . . . . . . #travel #travelblogger #wanderlust #jetsetter #jetset #greettheoutdoors #neverstopexploring #welivetoexplore #lifeofadventure #exploretocreate #traveltheword #globetrotter #travelawesome #mytinyatlas #finditliveit #getoutside #alwaysgo #WhereITravel #instapassport #traveltheworld #travelmore #passionpassport #travelinstyle #letsgoeverywhere #getoutstayout #letswander #travelingishappiness #ig_architecture #australia #12apostles
kirtykb Wow! Absolutely stunning
tinachante I want to go there!! 😍