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ryanintheus People ask me if I miss Australia and the answer is absolutely, yes. I had an incredible childhood, I lived in the city, but every chance we got my parents took my sister and I out to the country to explore and enjoy one of the world's most rugged and beautiful landscapes. My youth was spent wandering through the majestic Kari forests of the South West, running along the beautiful white beaches of the West Coast or looking for gold in the harsh, dry outback. We did it all, which was the best education we could have asked for. As a result my sister and I developed incredible relationships with the land and the ocean. The aboriginals call the area where they come from "country", they know their country better than any one else could. They know the animals, smells, sounds, dangers and sources of food and water. This sense of country is why I'll always feel more at home in the Australian wilderness than beautiful US wilderness. I grew up with those smells, sounds, animals and while I don't have the connection to country my aboriginal friends have, I most certainly feel a sense of home when I'm there. I spend countless hours these days exploring the incredible mountains of the PNW, but I'm always aware that my senses are off, that even though I'm completely blown away and humbled by the incredible scenes I'm so lucky to witness, I can't read this country like my own. It's a different language to me, one that I'm learning, but will never be as fluent in as my own. So yes, I miss Australia because it's my country, it's where my soul feels at home. Where's your country? Do you miss it too? 🇦🇺 . . . . . . . . #travel #travelblogger #wanderlust #jetsetter #jetset #greettheoutdoors #neverstopexploring #welivetoexplore #lifeofadventure #exploretocreate #traveltheword #globetrotter #travelawesome #mytinyatlas #finditliveit #getoutside #alwaysgo #WhereITravel #instapassport #traveltheworld #travelmore #passionpassport #travelinstyle #letsgoeverywhere #getoutstayout #letswander #travelingishappiness #ig_architecture #australia #12apostles
thatbrittanyanne Wowww 😍
eliseekins So nice 👌🏻 love these colors
tinachante I want to go there!! 😍
kirtykb Wow! Absolutely stunning
philipislost I miss australia so much. Had such a great time exploring in 2014 for 2 months
donnasbrightman 〰🔝〰✨💛✨
ugrtandogan Wonderful Awesome 😍 😍
manola_gg Beautiful shot ❤ (and beautiful words in your bio!)
fraintesa I've never felt anywhere else that connection to nature I felt in Australia. You were a lucky child!
discover_the_world_now Amazing shot. I love Australia. Take a look at my page follow my travel journey 😁 😁
cereshalo Your photagio! Insanely good.
satch.ann Great ocean view! Australis is really beautiful 👏
koea88 🎀💜🎀
briskoutdoors Oh I miss living in Oz!!! Such an amazing country and love the 12 apostles!
bo_visuals Incredible shot. 👏🏼
threesteps_app I like your gallery !!
sassyfabs Haiti is my home country 😊🇭🇹 do I miss it? Hmm not particularly. I suppose that I am sort of a "lost soul" still searching for that place where I can call and feel at home. For now, I'm enjoying the journey.
sassyfabs This is definitely a spectacular view!!! 👌✨😍
konerurachana Your words struck a cord. I absolutely get that sense of complete belonging when I'm home in India..
lukeoshannessy Keep up the great work
googoga There, far away, far from the sea, there my village is, Serbia is there...
dinaestrada1 Gorgeous photo and post!!! I can imagine you miss Australia 🇦🇺.. I've never been there but in elementary Geography class, I fell in love with that very special country! Some day I'm sure I'll be there to tell more ☺️
clyde__liu Amazing
ventinphotography So nice man 👌🏻
abdullahassan99 Congrats on hitting 14.5k followers! 🎉🎉🎉
habitat9travels I would miss that coastline too 😍 What a gorgeous place to grow up and romp. I grew up north of Chicago, in Madison WI. I had to go west because the mountains and ocean were calling, and now I'm not quite sure where home is. The PNW just gets me :)
maxzedler I looooveeee this spot so so much
pretoogjes_persephony My place is the hustle bustle of NYC but the mountains of the PNW and Colorado... it's so funny that I can find solitude and utter happiness in two completely different environments. PS Great post and gorgeous photo (as always)!
getaway_gal 💙😍😍
begumavdagic Dope 🌼
jujusfernandes Sooo beautiful!!!
travel.bucketlists Love this 😁👌🏼
mrs.nicola.h Great stuff!
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