foreverfeminism ** they tried to stop her from running because she was a woman
its_kassidy_with_da_k @deew.x No because back then, they thought women running would be unhealthy for women. Also, her boyfriend was running with her and he protected her
kinda_cool_feed @deew.x source? I don't mean to be rude but Idk if that seems likely
deew.x no, they tried stopping her because she came in unannounced
debbyy.w πŸ‘πŸΌ @hannah_friitz
officialgrif Wow she looks great
kat.ortiz I watched a movie on the Boston marathon history last week it was super good and it included that clip
kirstenm_x The runner behind her was actually pushing off the man trying to stop her so she could run it
ailovebeauty @sarah.jfl sure.πŸ˜‚
saaar.sal @ailovebeauty well you have kids but you're still a hoe
saaar.sal ugh disgusting
neptalynn What..
beckarrooo Nevertheless, she persisted
drakesend Men and Women are equal, full stop!
always_natz @ailovebeauty no. Modern feminism encourages women to make their own choices about their lives and only asks for others to respect her decision. If you want to be a wife and have lots of kids, great. If you want to work and date around without having kids, great. If you want to do something else in the middle, or a combination of various lifestyles, or WHATEVER then great! As long as its your choice anf makes you happy then that's what feminism wants women to be able to do. Its not one.or the other - single or wife, mother or not, career or not. None of those choices dictates whether you're a good or bad person. This makes me want to run even though i can barely walk @samaha.kureshi
maham.khaan πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
zodiac.lov.e @ailovebeauty If what I was doing was pushing then that's what you were doing as well.
ailovebeauty @sassyh.oe all i can say is if what ur fighting for is right and the true purpose in life you dont need to push in to soceity coz it will naturally win. Have a nice day
zodiac.lov.e @ailovebeauty What exactly was my comment 'pushing'???
scubacop1 English isnt my first either!!!!! Whoa!!!! LOL!!!!! you live in canada why the fuck do you care? Shut the fuck up if you are such a bigot on someone elses country when yours has problems too. No wonder youre so cheeky you have nothing better to do than to paint your face ☺️ @ailovebeauty
ailovebeauty @sassyh.oe coz thats what your pushing now.. Doesnt matter. πŸ˜‘
ailovebeauty @scubacop1 lol..notice grammar.. Lol its not my first language its the message thats important. Yes i have been slapped before. But not all are the same . ur society is fucked now.. No wonder not much last in relationship/marriage women before i see now they died married with one man. 😊 have a nice day
emi.teh.artist @scubacop1 I know I just gave up and blocked her, like some women want to have a successful career before having kids, jeez the only maternal instincts I have is over my pets XD
scubacop1 @emi.teh.artist ailovebeauty is annoying the fuck outta me lol i just read a crapton of comments
scubacop1 @ailovebeauty have you ever been disrespected by a man? In an abusive relationship? No happy couple EVER gets a divorce 🀚🏻 🀚🏻take poor grammar and spelling and butting opinions elsewhere
phosphkid Lmao there's a picture where one of the organizers is trying to push her off but her big ass boyfriend is pushing the organizer
heidi.atkins @candyheartsxx No, they screamed at her "women can't run" and it was in the rule book that they couldn't
zodiac.lov.e @ailovebeauty Classy women respect other women's life choices, even if they're not the same as their own. Motherhood isn't for everyone and that's completely fine. I really suggest accepting others or you won't receive any respect yourself.
emi.teh.artist @ailovebeauty how you're treating other people's PERSONAL choices is beyond respectable
ailovebeauty @emi.teh.artist sure.. But ur only 15 im talking about mature women. And you know why they letting many immigrants coz nowadays people stop having kids. And im not saying u shouldnt work. For me taking care of ur children while they are young is important then when they study i will work eventually and thats why its importany for women to not divorce their husband and be selfish about their desisyon is not gonna affect their children. In some other races family is very important i notice in north america its not that important. And my husband hates this modern culture as its destroyed classy respectable women. U have ur opinion but most other countries are conservative and not liberal ☺
emi.teh.artist @ailovebeauty good you be a good mother, but at 15 years old I am studying for qualifications to get a good paying job so I can eventually have kids, money doesn't grow on trees, and who knows maybe you should respect people's choices to not have children, you can still have a maternal instinct if you adopt there's too many children being born lately like if you view your daughters (if you have any) as just baby makers you are sick
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