friendsbestpost love her so much💙qotd; first jen movie you saw? a: along came Polly😂and I actually watched it before I had even heard of friends. So when I first saw friends I was like "oh, that girl's funny, I'll give this show a try". I immediately fell in love with the show and that was the beginning of my friends obsession 👽#rachelgreen #monicageller #meme #memes #matthewperry #chandlerbing #jenniferaniston #courteneycox #rossgeller #lisakudrow #phoebebuffay #joeytribbiani #mattleblanc #davidschwimmer #friendsmemes #friendsmemes #relate #centralperk #friendstvshow #friends
noelia_dr Surgery, many dollars, not having kids, workout, good nutrition and drinking water... Sooo many things are her secret
bloodmooner666 Money and no kids.😂
alexandrailisilva Porque no tiene hijos....
daniel_muncey Not having kids De ouf mdr @caly.cabooter 😂
caly.cabooter Ca s'appelle le botox😂
berillkonuk Aestethics and moneyy .
karinabdiasds I think that not having kids is less stressful too in general
__vedant.18__ Really yrr... She looks dead gorgeous evn more thn b4
aditisays MONEY.
herbholy Good drugs?
busybeaa234 I doubt she's getting work done, she's aging gracefully
irasema_calderon $1,200,000 Dlls
lalalalakeesha Yoga and meditation. She said it herself. It really does work.
giorizzi21 Haha @tobytesta non avevo dubbi seguissi anche tu quests pagina :)
krisha_13303 BOTOX??
rbella04 Aveeno? 😂
fofoqattan @Noorjeq srsly though
arnold_pollycarp She is a vampire
cfish.rr Aveeno
tzar_q7 Bruce almighty
petembandrea @camillemoerenhout elle a perdu full cheveux
evaggeliag1 That she's half Greek ☺☺
diansjufri Just go with it
lovely_aniston Just go with it
90s.darling Marley and Me