subabybyby 💘💘💘💘💘💪
subabybyby 💘❤❤❤❤❤❤
correngrab I love them so much together❤️
diziedevil They need to meet and they Trion to kick some major butt
mad_felipe She can't feel cold too... Kkk
g.hodge96 I really hope they don't team up... jons one of my favourite characters and daenerys is just the equivalent of a rich bitch who lets everyone else do her fighting. Talks so much shit and the only reason she can back it up is because she has dragons
vero_chispum Muero de amor ❤❤❤
zefanya_lim_ Waiting season 7 😍😍
ita_donaire Me emcantsn los dos 😍
prihdrawing @paulohenribrito hehehe vem logo sétima temporada
thewingedshadow Hopefully they get to meet!
dave.s.cosplay My Favoriten charas
claudine_j @sara_maude I wish aussi😔
lynn_aka Даенерис накогда не мерзнет))
gvvi @johadipre photoshop xD
johadipre @gvvi bummm jajajajajaja pa'que vea
trislily 😍😍😍