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universeofthrones Ice Queen ❄️ or Fire Queen 🔥? -
dceufan Fire queen
aryaflint Fire queen
isa_rochx Ice queen 😍
rshod888 Ice queen ❄️😍
mhsa.yadegari Fire queen❤❤❤❤❤❤
ovaj_profil_nije_u_upotrebi_ I would say Fire Queen but I love them both. ❤️
hruuh Ice queen❄
talin.ayan @__vanmller ich liebe diesen Text einfach ich muss dich ständig drauf markieren
dgbeth21 Fire Queen 🔥 🐉
hruuh A yes to Sansa
govarius Why not both? It's called a song of ice AND fire after all.
henriquebc @maryannaq Ai meu coração ❤️. Cara...
maryannaq @henriquebc olha isso 😍
ladyof.winterfell @ryanvencer Ice is Jon and another theory Ice lyanna fire rhaegar and the son(g) is Jon.
leonie.wolfram @_aimee_w 😍😍❤
ryanvencer Oh shit. The REAL song of ice and fire?!? The parallels are astounding
lxuxyn Sansa is my girl
lxuxyn Ice
ittyellyclayanny Fire Queen 🔥👑❤
zaii_za_i Hi! Go check my The Game Of Thrones "Winter is coming" Hoodie giveaway! :)
nawalusion Ice queen ✌
adelalazri Love em both 👌
jyoti131 fire queen👑
jyoti131 fire queen👑
jyoti131 fire queen👑
beisbol_ej Fire queen... Sansa is annoying
lilly_dskng Ice Queen! I LOVE Sansa 😍❤️❄️
iamk0lliiiii Sansa : ice queen ? 😂😂 they Both suck though .
ria_meee Fire 🔥
elizabeth_purba Fire queen all the way. Dany is so charming and has kharisma. Sansa is too weak and always used by others.