cannabis.policy "Even though we are business professionals and lobbyists, there are places I personally walk in to, and am labeled a druggie and a criminal for working with the Cannabis industry. I'd rather be a druggie and a criminal than a politician....oh wait...theres a difference?" -Ian Armstrong --President --The American Cannabis --Chamber of Commerce --Political Action Committee #cannabis #medicalmarijuana #420 #710 #legalize #shatter #extracts #high #stoned #weedporn #marijuana #politics #highsociety #highculture
extoophor One time I got pulled over in a suburban while transporting several hundred pounds across country. I got out of the car and layed face down in the middle of the road Before the officers got out their cruiser and laced my fingers behind my head,. As the cops got out there cruiser and began to approach me I started yelling "I am a criminal, i am a criminal" and kept repeating myself. The two cops went straight back to their cruiser and got on the loudhorn telling me to get back into my ride because I was dangerously obstructing traffic,. Then once I got back in my car they instructed me to get back into traffic and be on my way. , They escorted me to the county line and I safely arrived at my destination hours later.
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gotcannaskills @coach69smoke and the @thegreenrushteam has been pushing this agenda for the last 3 years!. #IamnotACriminal
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bylka_wailers Bob marley said: Why that people and the government said that smoking make you rebel !!? Againts what ? Bob: herb is a plant ! Is good for everything... Bless marijuana🌿
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evasativa775 To often I have seen patients dissuaded because they are treated by dispensaries as criminals. They are as oppressive, and run, owned operated by and have SOPs the methadone clinic companies. It disgusts me and only serves to keep the black market THRIVING. Then they wonder why they are not profitable within the first 6 months!