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crystalsandnugs @substanceusecounselling "abrupt withdrawal led to extremely high densities of eye movement, increased rapid eye movement (REM) durations, and a sharp but transient fall in stage 4 to baseline levels. These effects may be useful in the elucidation of the pharmacology of sleep." -
bunitdaily Ordered some CBD oil for my grandma's ailments im hoping to see an improvement when she tries it
substanceusecounselling Can you guys point me to any research re quality of sleep / REM sleep after using cannabis to induce sleep?
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thebudcompany They need to hurry up and legalise it in the UK πŸ˜₯
bishops_bud #theeducatedsmoker πŸ”‹βœ… keeping everyone informed , I love it
kday_714 @cannabis.policy Geez! I'm -2 from that list, very very rarely do I get headaches or nausea πŸ’šπŸ’―
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