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abcthrowaway.chess @american_united_front_ copy and paste this and carry it to dm. i feel bad for the spam this person gets.
american_united_front_ @soup.v1 there were over 505k arrests for cannabis last year. is that ok? 505 thousand people were arrested for something that should be pharmaceutical, and there are pharmaceutical drugs you can buy that are way worse for your body than cannabis. there's barely a issue with it at all. alcohol (which everyone's ok with) wreaks way more havoc than medicinal cannabis. The USA literally made up the word marijuana because it sounds Mexican. They created fake stigmatism to make a plant sound bad because it was so good it took doctors out of their jobs.
abcthrowaway.chess and how is it beneficial? there is a higher risk of lung cancer while smoking weed than cigs.
abcthrowaway.chess @american_united_front_ fatal car accidents have risen 14% since recreational mj was legalized in colorado. explain this.
american_united_front_ @soup.v1 they're both drugs and i think they both are. the post is more joking. marijuana isn't dangerous. it's very beneficial to actually take it. Coke on the other hand.... a much less social and much more harming plant extract. it changes brain chemistry making it a drug, but weeds never killed anyone so it isn't harmful. however people on weed get killed all the time by nice men in blue outfits.
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american_united_front_ sssoooo is coke not a drug? Just because its a drug doesnt mean its bad.
abcthrowaway.chess coca and opium are plants. they make cocaine,painkillers, and heroin. nice try
dystonicbeauty It's definitely a drug, too, but so is caffeine.
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