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Get inspired and get outside. Content and curation by @BrandAdventures. #modernoutdoors
People on photo: pangea
modernoutdoors Cuddled up next to our favorite Waterfall in Iceland. Capture by @pangea. #modernoutdoors
People on photo: threaded_ride
modernoutdoors What a wild world with beauty at every corner. Elk photographed by @threaded_ride. #modernoutdoors
j.a.y_daley Such an amazing shot here threaded_ride!!! These are such stunning creatures and to see them in the wild with those giant antlers really is an experience of it's own. I live in Australia so we're not fortunate enough to have the privilege of seeing them here but I have seen them many times in North America so thanks for capturing this so well and sharing it with us to enjoy - the memories are welcome :) Awesome work and thanks so much for finding and sharing this one with us @ModernOutdoors - keep 'em coming!
People on photo: stianmklo
modernoutdoors When the lights go down, we chase stars! Capture by @stianmklo. #modernoutdoors
stianmklo @jcator20 i live out here man ✌
j.a.y_daley An absolutely incredible shot here Stian and very true of your usual high standard. I absolutely love how well that foreground pulls the viewer in but it's that sky and the soft night time tones and light which give this such an incredible and pleasing feeling. Well done and big thank you for finding and sharing this one with us @ModernOutdoors - inspirational work once again!
People on photo: ladanivskyy
modernoutdoors The beauty of places we've never been! Ukraine photographed by @ladanivskyy . #modernoutdoors
j.a.y_daley This is a really incredible shot here Alexander - the composition could not be any better. The way you've composed the scene close to the boardwalk really sets the mood and story for the image right away and gives the viewer such an easy way to connect with and explore the image and I absolutely love that background subject, what an amazing location and one you've captured so well, especially with that low fog. Awesome work here and huge congrats on the feature with @ModernOutdoors - keep the great work coming guys, this is so awesome!
People on photo: nathanielatakora
modernoutdoors Boat rides on the open water. Capture by @nathanielatakora. #modernoutdoors
j.a.y_daley Such a wonderful shot here Nathan! I love the low perspective and the tranquil feel you've captured here with those low rolling clouds in the distance. This looks like such a peaceful yet fun morning on the water. Awesome work and huge congrats on the terrific feature with @ModernOutdoors - keep the awesomeness coming team!
People on photo: evolumina
modernoutdoors Every experience is a form of exploration. words by Ansel Adams, image by @evolumina. #modernoutdoors
j.a.y_daley Oh wow!!! This is an absolutely exceptional shot @evolumina - that is such a wild and remote looking landscape which would make for a stunning image all on it's own but your hint of that warm light spilling in from the corner really takes this to another level. I love how well it's catching the peak and cliff and lighting up the grass. What a perfectly shot scene and huge congrats on the feature with @ModernOutDoors - I love your caption for this as well. Ansel couldn't have put it better and it really compliments the feelings this scene conjures up. Awesome work team - keep the inspiration coming!
People on photo: tyler.and.wade
modernoutdoors Sand dune pools, caught on camera by @tyler.and.wade. #modernoutdoors
j.a.y_daley Amazing shot here tyler.and.wade.!!!! Love the simplicity of this and that killer composition with the water leading the viewer right through the frame. Amazing work and huge congrats on the killer feature. So well deserved!
People on photo: weareparliament, boonerodriguez
modernoutdoors Driving through the backwoods of Oregon in our trusty 1984 4WD Syncro. She's a beast. Capture by @boonerodriguez. #modernoutdoors
People on photo: cole.mgkra
modernoutdoors Nothing is sweeter than camp life around an open fire. Photo by @cole.mgkra. #modernoutdoors
j.a.y_daley Such an incredible shot here Cole!!! You've captured such an amazing moment which so many of us can not only relater and connect with but also really appreciate and admire!!! Killer shot here mate - especially with the tent subtly included in the background to really help give the scene a sense and feeling of place. Amazing work and huge congrats on the incredible feature with @ModernOutdoors - keep the inspiration coming guys!
People on photo: gaber008
modernoutdoors Summer hikes amongst giant trees. Capture of Mt. Rainier NP by @gaber008. #modernoutdoors
People on photo: cole.mgkra
modernoutdoors Living wild in Wyoming. Thanks to @cole.mgkra. #modernoutdoors
j.a.y_daley Such an amazing shot here cole.mgkra!!! I'm loving the framing and composition and the simplicity to the scene. There's something overwhelmingly calming about this yet it retains so much interest. Awesome work and massive congrats on the killer feature. Big thanks for finding and sharing this one with us ModernOutDoors. Keep 'em coming!!!
j.a.y_daley Such an amazing shot here gaber008!!! I'm really loving the tranquility and peacefulness of this frame and how well you've balanced your composition with all of that detail in the foreground and those amazing stunning looking hills in the background but it's that reflection in the center of the frame which really pulls me in and gives me such an easy point to focus on and begin exploring the rest of the frame from. Amazing work and massive congrats on the well deserved feature with @ModernOutDoors - such a well deserved and well found shot to feature team. Keep them coming!
People on photo: rawmeyn
modernoutdoors Moraine lake canoes, shot by @rawmeyn. #modernoutdoors
rawmeyn Thanks heaps guys!!!
j.a.y_daley That's one seriously awesome shot here rawmeyn!! I really love that low perspective and the scene you've captured has an amazing feeling about it, a real sense of moment and time. Awesome work here and big congrats on the feature with ModernOutDoors - so well deserved. Keep 'em coming!