Downtown Hayward

People on photo:
yfnfresh_ Blessed to see another year, All glory to god 👏🏾 Happy Birthday To myself 6.24 ♋️
_ramoney Happy birthday bro ❤️ love you. #cancergang
king.lloyd5150 Woop😈
ellesaadiq Once upon a time in 2008, I got really drunk on a bad date and made a desperate attempt to leave. I stumbled out the club alone, fell on the ground and looked up to see Money Mike, also pretty drunk, kicking it in a car with his homies. I called out to him and he picked me up, put my drunk ass in his car and got me home safely. I will never forget that day... to know that I got brothers every where to watch over me. HBD, @miketerrado I 💕you with your almost as old as me ass #xpo #betaphi #sfsu
miketerrado Awwwe love ya, sis!