jeskawo UCLA is a squirrel sanctuary and I love it so much!
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santo_clemente "GLOW'D UP" "Comin' from the West side . . . Nothin' less than that Best side" _____________________________________ Your favorite Poet all #glow'd up At the #palladium where @BigSean fans show'd up. Still Waiting in Line till that Name get changed up. Hands up! Cuz, Ain't nothing going on, but a bomb ass rap song ---- You want to Know "What's going on?" Had all the #Sunset kids singing along. As the co-workers bypass a brother as if he was just writing regular #poems. Children see the King, reason they love when I #rhyme and sing; Old ass adults so blind, they can't see a thing. Shining brighter than the sun, When these demons see me they all tend to run. "For my life is like a Beach, I'm always in the Son." Another Saturday in sourthern #California, Like 5-0, I had to make the dime pull over --- Cuz she had the wood & the shift driving trying to #Controlla. She wiped the foggy clock, After the twelfth pop. Then she fixed her top and took her poet to #IHOP. To her, It's custom to eat popcorn at the movies; So, she likes to feed her poet/ #actor, after she do me. #SANTOriniGreece, as we rode these #LA streets ... In my 42 Jersey feelin' LIKE A #CHIEF. HUH! Bound to #Glow tonight at #Malibu beach. HUH! Glowin' for a reason, My friend #Ana couldn't believe it . . . Tho, I almost blew it --- opportunity came and said, "You know how we do it!"
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santo_clemente HAPPY BIRTHDAY, To my Dad/Daroo. Been knowing this guy 33 yrs of my life, Mimi been knowing this guy for 13 yrs of her life, Justin been knowing this guy 28, almost 29 yrs of his life. More Life. Our love for you on your 55th year on GOD'S earth, which has blessed us and matured us. By the grace of our mother she has blessed you with many years of marriage. GOD IS GOOD, reason LIFE is Good. LOVE YOU DAD, Jamar. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
jcycub 2017 SoCal Tour Day 2! Campus tour at UCLA ☀️🏝 #jcyc #upwardbound #trioworks #sfstemacademy #myeep
jack_jacx I love it! 😍❤✊🏽
tke_davis Dope Click !
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youngarts We've arrived @cap_ucla! Our home for the week for #YoungArts #LosAngeles. 😍 Kicking off the program tonight when the participants arrive. Will you be joining us for the showcases? Info and events at youngarts.org/youngarts-la #ucla #capucla #sceneatucla #laart #westwood #roycehall
christiankye Where can I start now that this amazing chapter is coming to an end?! From counselors in HS discouraging college due to my SAT score, to graduating with honors at El Camino, and becoming the first in my family to attend/graduate UCLA with achievements beyond those I could ever try to fathom, all I could think to do in this moment (picture) is point to God because he led the way. He put me in positions where I could thrive and show my potential. He made sure I had the right family and made sure I was surrounded with the right friends that would inspire me to aspire to achieve more. The sign says "Live a couple of years like most people won't so you can live the rest of your life like most people can't #WeDidIt #CheckTheReceipts" for all of these reasons. This one is dedicated to the next kid that feels the world is against them. Continue to move forward despite the negativity because God will never put anyone in a situation that they can't handle. I'm excited to say that this chapter turned coal to diamonds, but the book is far from finished. Stay tuned... ❤️
thedanielledenise Next up.. white coat ceremony!!! 🙌
christiankye @thedanielledenise wouldn't that be something?! I'm praying for it! Thank you so much!