Los Angeles - Santa Monica

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moseley_doodlebug Looking forward to a new year full of treats, puppy kisses, and health for you and all your loved ones 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣7️⃣
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glow_detox Let me let you in on a little secret. Something I sometimes have to remind myself about on the regular-- Life doesn't always align perfectly with the timeline we create. Nor does it go the way we think we want it to go. 🌱 What is this? Something I didn't remember making until now. "The Truth About Your Soy Latte" was the original manuscript I wrote after being inspired by and studying with Natalia Rose. 🌱 It was written in 2009. Two thousand and nine. The ideas were taboo. #realfood wasn't a thing. No one wanted to publish it. Juicing was for hippies. Detox and glowing from the inside out was a radical idea... blogging was for "stay a home" moms, and cat lady's... 🌱 In 2013 someone came out with a book almost identical to my first copy. It put me in a funk, to say the least. But my mother, my forever cheerleader, tough loved me out of it- so I rewrote the same book and just updated it and niched it as a book about the skin. 🌱 Months later after writing about the skin on my blog, I was approached by a publisher to write a book about the skin!! Yep. And guess who already was finishing up a manuscript... In 2014, "The Clear Skin Detox Diet" was officially published. I stumbled upon this manuscript yesterday and smiled. It had been thrown in with papers my mom saved for me. It is now 2017. I've always been awkward been at self-promotion and sometimes I forget about the book I wrote. But this... this is magic. 🦁 #roar
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ana_ys Venice beach 🌊🏖
gregturpan Upside down in Santa Monica
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cindylpnr Pacific Ocean - Taking pictures with your eyes to have endless memories - #calilife🌴 #santamonica #ocean #onetime #3a
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