Beverly Hills, California

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thebalancedblonde After torrential downpours all weekend + this morning (am I right, LA?! 🌨) the sun came out to play & it was SO nice to get a long run in this afternoon. It’s been a while since I have spent much time running outside, and I love that euphoric post-run feeling more than life. It truly is a moving meditation… sorta like yoga! Love partnering with Reebok — these cute running clothes are my jam. #BODYPUMP100 #ReebokEndorser #tbbmademedoit
beggsyoga 💕💕💕
thebalancedblonde We are life twins. I love it so much. That's why I am so drawn to your posts and everything you do ahhhh. Love you mucho @thelittleflowerpetal
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jmargonie Back @ it w/ @gale.james In New slippas
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sarahmarinello don't unfollow because I posted twice in a day
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smileboutiquebh Repost from @mohamedhadid using @RepostRegramApp - I only trust my smile to the amazing team at @smileboutiquebh @alicefukuidds Love you guys.
qmarasamy guys.. if you're ever wondering what your girl is doing in the bathroom for so long, just check her instagram 😹📸
natalka90210 Stretch silk top. Exclusively at La Perla. Call me know to get it. Limited. #fashionistas #shoppingonline #rodeodrivebaby #silk #madeinitaly #amazing #hot #exclusive #womensfashion
hotelnizzaroma Wow La Perla 😍
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hairbyolya Came across this fabulous designer who creates looks for ladies over 80 😍😍😍 @fannykarst. I personally will be seeing her in action in February dressing our fabulous ginger @parkerpomeroy for @costumeawards I am so excited to meet her! What a great idea!! #YouGoGirl #womensfashion #women #beautifulwomen #greatidea #designer #costumedesigner #cdga2017
parkerpomeroy OMG, you are the sweetest @hairbyolya! I agree - I think @fannykarst is an inspiration! Can't wait to see you for #cdga19 in just a few weeks!! Love you! 💜💜