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icelandic_explorer Living in the hustle and bustle of a city makes it easy to forget how powerful nature really is. When we loose sight of the elements that are so vital to our existence here, we often loose balance and don't get the right reference point. I love getting out there in the wilderness to remind myself where I, as a human, am in this world and how grateful I am for Mother Nature, bringing these incredible sights to us #iceland
zeppaio Congrats buddy 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
michielpieters Congrats bro
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icelandic_explorer The lone path. But where does it lead? Isn't it better if we travel together? ✌️#iceland
ahmet.erdem Loved ♥️
rhystelf Awesome dude!
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icelandic_explorer Amidst the snow. The Arctic Fox is always prepared for whatever the Icelandic weather will throw at him. Especially during these very random spring days that can go from mild and cozy - to icy and wet in minutes. Soon we'll see them back in their summer coats, in a much slimmer version. Thank you @Volcanohuts for your help in enabling me to photograph these incredible creatures. #iceland
kennethcaptures So incredibly cute and fluffy 🤗
alliemtaylor So adorable 😍
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icelandic_explorer Too tired to come up with something smart to say, so I'll let nature do all the talking on this one. OK maybe just a quick comment; this place is obviously incredible 😊✌️#Iceland #landmannalaugar
alex.mazurov Textures👌
wake.up.matt Definitely incredible. I will be visiting soon! I hope haha
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icelandic_explorer And I thought winter was over... Definitely not, judging by the weather this morning. More adventures in stories ✌️#Iceland
asyrafacha Dang man you killed with that mood
wake.up.matt "There's a storm coming Harry..."
icelandic_explorer The wait is almost over. Soon these little fellas will be jumping around again. #iceland
bennybystrom Like a "tandem cheep" ! Brilliant!
icelandic_explorer At some point in my life, I thought being a mental cliff, without worries and fear, was the ultimate self-improvement goal. But then I realized that all our flaws, fears and insecurities is what makes us who we are - and importantly keeps us striving for more. So I decided that coming to terms with who l am, accepting my flaws but never settling, was the ultimate goal. Working on getting there - its a long journey✌️#iceland
grella Wow😍
wake.up.matt A long journey for sure, but one that can't be settled for. Great caption and shot!
icelandic_explorer Surrounded by ocean. What do you feel? I want to know. I feel peace and clarity - a the taste of salt, iodine, freedom and if I'm lucky, a seagull might just poop on my shoulder #iceland
ovunno With mavic?
wake.up.matt This is so sick. Which drone?
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icelandic_explorer Few things are as uniquely Icelandic as the Arctic Fox. When the first people arrived to the island, the fox had already been here for a few thousand years. It probably arrived during the ice age, giving it a special status as one of the most uniquely Icelandic mammals. Mainly found in remote places, I bumped into this guy during a trip the highlands, staying with my friends from @volcanohuts #iceland #arcticfox
wake.up.matt So dope. What lens did you shoot this on?
livelikeitsthewknd Omg she's so beautiful 😍😍😍
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icelandic_explorer Here's one for the animals - Happy Earth Day folks ✌️#Iceland #earthday
urbanxkoi A true adventurer. ✨
wetravelmedia Love this little fella
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icelandic_explorer In the search for summer. #iceland #landrover
sigrunthormar Geggjuð mynd !
wake.up.matt This is so gorgeous! Great drone shot!👌🏼👍🏼
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icelandic_explorer Happy summer folks ✌️ Believe it or not, tomorrow is actually the official first day of summer - something that has been celebrated in Iceland for centuries. It's a national holiday and no matter the weather, Icelanders will excitingly wish you a happy summer with a big smile on their face (it was just snowing??? 🤣). It's a great day for adventures - and I'll definitely be out there exploring the country - properly (and sustainably) geared up thanks to my pals from @thelevelcollective #iceland #firstdayofsummer
heleneinbetween This photo is rad!
kellansworld Hey dude haha! So sick