Photographer is just a word. Quit the corporate life to seek my Icelandic roots Explore the Westfjords with me on the Arctic Fox Workshop Nov 17' 👇🏻
icelandic_explorer Melrakki photography workshop. Here’s a little teaser for the photograph workshop I will host together with my friend @Joe_shutter later this fall. We’ve received a number of amazing applications for the Melrakki workshop but to make sure we create a great group of passionate individuals, we have decided to keep the application deadline open just a little bit longer. It is going to be the adventure of a lifetime as we will be spending much of our time in the remote Hornstrandir Nature reserve. Only accessible by boat, as shown in the photo, it’s a place like no other in Iceland. If you want to secure your spot to the workshop, then head over to the Melrakki site (see link in bio) and submit your application. Dates: November 14 to 19 #iceland
icelandic_explorer Home is where you heart is. Icelandic highlands come pretty close. #iceland
icelandic_explorer It's hard not to post Greenland shots every 5 minutes. Simply endless beauty #greenland
icelandic_explorer The annual roundup of sheep. #iceland
icelandic_explorer This guy wants to befriend Peanut and Walnut. Not sure how that's gonna work out? What do you guys think? 😜#iceland
icelandic_explorer Thinking back, reflecting upon the summer which now has passed, one moment clearly stands out in my memory. It was the time when I was sitting at a little countryside coffeehouse, located in a traditional Icelandic turfhouse on the edge of a tiny little fjord in the Icelandic Westfjords. I’m quietly sitting enjoying a waffle with cream and a cup of coffee, served by the local elderly couple running the place, when I suddenly hear that a whale was spotted in the fjord. Quick on my feet, I sprint to set up my drone and search for the whale diving up and down in the middle of the fjord. As you can imagine, my waffle and coffee got very cold when I finally returned - but well, I think it speaks for itself that it was worth it. The Westfjords have a special place in my heart and I love the vibe of the “good old days” when places were remote and you could drive for hours without meeting anyone - while seeing incredible nature and wildlife.
icelandic_explorer Westfjords are easily one of my favorite areas in Iceland. I come here to find, peace, raw nature, unspoiled beauty, extreme contrasts and a place where exploring is still possible to the fullest. The fjords have different faces, like most of Iceland, changing drastically over the winter and summer months, but the remoteness of some of them brings it to a whole new level of off-the-beaten path experience. There is still so much to be part of over here in the Westfjords.
icelandic_explorer Wherever you go, adventure is just around the corner. #greenland
icelandic_explorer When you find yourself roaming your own little galaxy. Captured with @djiglobal #MavicPro
icelandic_explorer It took me quite a bit of time to finally encounter one of these little guys. When I finally did, it wasn't me who found him, but he found me. Interesting fact - when the first settlers arrived in Iceland, there weren't any mice - just like the sheep or horses, they arrived by boat. I guess mice also travel in style 😊#iceland
icelandic_explorer Move along summer, let the fall vibes set in. 🍁 #iceland
icelandic_explorer Only posted the tip of the iceberg of my Greenland shots 😜#greenland
icelandic_explorer You want iceberg? I'll give you iceberg. #greenland
icelandic_explorer Exploring the local villages on the East Coast of Greenland was such an incredible experience. Living in one of the most remote and wild places in the world, it's fascinating to witness the intersection between modern life and traditional Greenlandic Inuit life. #greenland
icelandic_explorer To say that photography is important to me would be an understatement. It freed me, enabled me to turn my life around, to explore those parts of me that I maybe didn't dare to listen to earlier. Photography and what I made of it helped me to fight for my dreams in so many ways. I still have loads to learn and to strive for, but this journey that I have been on over the last few years and the moments I shared with you here, dear friends, would certainly not have been possible without my camera, digital or analog 🤓🤘#greenland
icelandic_explorer A new day and new journey begins. What adventures are you up to today? Myself, I'll be headed out on horseback on the beautiful Icelandic horses ✌️😊#iceland
icelandic_explorer Westfjords workshop - Arctic Fox. Looking for an adventure of a life-time while exploring with likeminded creative individuals? Then our Melrakki photography workshop might just be what you’ve been waiting for. We will be headed into some of the last truly wild places in Iceland, exploring the beautiful Westfjords - and venture onwards the secluded Hornstrandir Nature Reserve. Here we will encounter incredible landscapes - and meet the illusive arctic fox - likely one of the most beautiful animals found in the arctic. We will be focusing on improving your photography skills, including composition, editing and making the most of the gear you have - while at the same time having a blast together exploring off the beaten path. Head over to my website to apply - see direct link in bio! Tag a friend who you would like to take with you on this epic adventure ✌️😊 #iceland
icelandic_explorer Birds eye view is hard to beat. Thanks for the wings @djiglobal #MavicPro #greenland
icelandic_explorer The beauty that surrounds us. Nature has already done all the work for us, we just gotta find it. 🇬🇱#greenland
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