Photographer Quit the corporate life to seek my Icelandic roots Sign up for photography workshop πŸ‘‡πŸΌ
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icelandic_explorer There's something special inside us that connects us to the ocean. You don't always feel it when you're on land, but once you're out at sea, it seems so obvious. #iceland
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benjaminhardman Sick dude
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icelandic_explorer Everytime I meet one of these guys I wonder what they think when they see me, how do they perceive the world around them. Do they have different personalities, characters? To me it seems that they do, their eyes πŸ‘€ and their curious gaze gives it away #iceland
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icelandic_explorer Mossy landscape drives are the best. #iceland
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icelandic_explorer The Humpback. When I first spotted this whale, I was on a boat to my destination for some remote landscape photography - with zero expectations of spotting a humpback. Suddenly, I saw it jump up in the air out at open sea. It was like something from a movie or nature program that I would watch in my living room. I quickly shouted to the captain to stop the boat so I could set my drone up. While flying towards the spot where I had seen the whale, it dove down for some minutes - at that time I had no idea whether I had lost it entirely, or if it would return again. Time stood still. After a few minutes wait - and the battery quickly getting lower - it finally revealed itself to my huge relief. Such an intense photography experience - one that I won't forget anytime soon. #iceland
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icelandic_explorer Waiting for that door to open. Who comes out? #Iceland
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icelandic_explorer We have the power to make our everyday into an adventure. Regardless of what we do in life. In a way adventure is a state of mind. Go and explore, whether close or far, familiar or unknown paths, there is nothing better than being out there, for yourself, taking the time to let the adventure make home in your heart. #Iceland
mercuryroaming Dude. Such a stellar shot! Love this!!!
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icelandic_explorer Western roads. The wild Icelandic Westfjords hold a special place in my heart. Here's a snap from one of the beastliest road stretched in the region. #Iceland
evolumina Stunning !!
philipp.grf Love this one πŸ™Œ
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icelandic_explorer Why hold a lamb when you can hold a real sheep? 😜#iceland
kaptain.kenny You are one real Icelandic guy!!!!!
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icelandic_explorer Late night explorations in the Westfjords with my friends from @horsesoficeland . It's such an incredible experience to witness these stunning creatures in the far Northwestern parts of the country #horsesoficeland #iceland
urbanxkoi Majestic.
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icelandic_explorer It's when we row together that things really start moving. #iceland
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icelandic_explorer Horizons. After weeks in the making, I’m announcing the Horizons workshop with my good friend @Joe_shutter. Over the course of 5 days, we will be taking 6 photography and adventure-thirsty explorers to some of the most epic locations in Iceland, venturing into the truly wild and untamed – finding new horizons. Our aim: capturing epic photos as well as creating experiences that hopefully will last for a lifetime. The journey takes us into the deep of Thorsmork, Thor’s Woods, and out at sea to volcanic soil of the Westman Islands. . Dates 18th – 22nd august . Visit link in bio and submit your application -> Deadline is July 10th! . #Iceland
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