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hedasbitch Okay i need to rant... I really can't believe bellarke shippers are comparing elizas reactions towards bellarke to almost the entire supergirl cast mocking their LGBTQ+ fans. only entitled brats are offended that Eliza doesn't ship bellarke. Eliza used to be very diplomatic... until hatred and awful shippers joined the fandom. she has been ultimately harassed by certain people from THAT fandom; body shamed, death threats, critisized on looks, called an alcoholic, slut shamed ect. worst part is... she saw it all... and had to call them out last year on her instagram. it was essentially a tantrum because the lead doesn't cater for a non canon m/f. LGBTQ+ fans on the other hand, are happy shipping their ships... even if they are non canon like "well these characters are straight but i'm going to pretend they're like me because that makes me feel good" and mocking that? the way some of the supergirl cast handled that situation was absolutely disgusting. dancing around, singing, making a fool of the fans that ship a non canon f/f, also telling them they shouldn't just focus on Alexs coming out as if "theres more to the story than that" completely shutting them down and invalidating their feelings???? (people are also pissed Floriana is leaving... meaning no more sanvers???) Anyway... their mistreatment towards fans were utterly repulsive. Those fans aren't having a "tantrum", they're merely expressing their hurt and the invalidation brought on by a shitty cast. HOW CAN YOU COMPARE THAT TO ELIZA NOT SHIPPING BELLARKE???? The whole "just because supercorp is an f/f suddenly people care" BITCH OFC THEY DO. HOW MANY ACTUAL CANON F/F DO WE HAVE COMPARED TO M/F.. thats why we be making up our own ships. Eliza Taylor respects her fans... she wasn't into the whole shipping thing until she realized how much of an impact Clexa actually had... and she'll continue to validate that. Quit acting entitled thinking you deserve the same in return. for once she prioritizes the f/f over m/f.. something that HARDLY EVER happens. LGBT FANS DESERVE RESPECT. LGBT FANS DESERVE BETTER.
xkiansedits Really though. Beside the level the Supergirl cast mocked is not nearly the same as Eliza said maybe the boy and girl should just stay friends. Because that's literally all she says about bellarke. And you can clearly see she doesn't like being asked because she knows she's going to get hate
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hedasbitch a daddy
hedasbitch I LOVE A BEAN
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hedasbitch Supergirl/CW cancelled. Quit supporting a network that continues to bait, use and mock their lgbtq+ fans. Tune into SyFy and watch Wynonna Earp instead; a beautiful diverse cast, that always have respect for their fans, they deserve all the support in the world. Plus... Wayhaught have beautiful chemistry, and get decent amount of (sexy 😏) scenes!!! (The CW would never)
kayotic.edits I love that you started watching Wynonna Earp 😂❤ My favorite show atm
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hedasbitch Eliza is me
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hedasbitch i love becho
hedasbitch eliza rolling her eyes at bellarke Qs i'm living
kayotic.edits I'm cackling
clexa100fan Yass!!!
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hedasbitch i really can't wait for eliza content
hedasbitch this edit is so gooood cr: @celestialheda go follow her for more lit edits ❤ love u reven
celestialheda okay but my edit has more views on your page how sad
thanxclexa 😍😍
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hedasbitch its officially the 20th here in the land down under. a huge happy birthday to a beautiful role model so many of us look up to. @alyciajasmin you're the sweetest bean, we adore you and your dorky personality, you're effortlessly beautiful inside and out. thankyou for being you ❤ (p.s. i love a living meme)
hedasbitch @linzzmorgan thanyou for being an inspiration
hedasbitch goodnight
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hedasbitch We deserve more kick ass queer women on tv. Queer women that get to live happily with their partners. Queer women that aren't sidelined. Queer women that are leading and powerful. Queer women... that don't die. And isn't it sad that thats what we fear most as a vulnerable audience? So many of us are quick to take sidelined characters, picking up the crumbs the show runners feed us just to gain higher ratings for their shows and even then, we're too afraid to fall for something that could easily be ripped away. The old "its just a character" or "its just a show" just doesn't cut it. With the cruel realities a lot of lgbtq+ fans face, a world of fiction brings them the happiness they seek. Thats the thing a lot of people fail to understand, or are willing to understand. When Lexa died for pure "shock value" do you remember how that felt? Just think for a second. Remember how your heart sank when you watched the bullet pierce her stomach, your hopes, belonging and validation oozing out with the blood from her wound. Do you remember thinking "this is it"? Maybe we don't deserve a happy ending... maybe that's how we all end. We have harsh treatment in the real world, and not even fiction is an escape. And that pain? That pain is real. Don't let anybody tell you its an overreaction. The positives that came out of that nightmare, will forever have a mark in history. The backlash that gave us the power to raise 60k+ for the Trevor Project, the awareness of harmful tropes, our own yearly convention and the pathway we have built for future queer women on tv, because of us we've given hope to the future. Be proud of that. Be proud of yourself. If any of you would like to chat, about acceptance, identity, sexuality, anything going on at home, (or just want a random chat) feel free to dm me, its good to voice what you're keeping inside. To those that want to keep helping, donate to the trevor project, link in my bio. Here's to 500 days without Lexa.
hedarick Preach preach preach 🙌🏼
ryans.destinys 🙌💗
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hedasbitch stuck sick in bed doing my assignment 😭
hedasbitch Hope you're smiling today :)
alyciahuman U too dad❤️
hedasbitch oh my fuck