πŸ’« eliza and alycia deserve the world but the world does not deserve them πŸ’« //Dichen & Tasya own my ass//
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hedasbitch Just another reminder that sharing around a photo that has been leaked, and you know it's been leaked, makes you just as bad as the hacker that shared the photo. Alycia adores us, she loves her job, but she absolutely doesn't appreciate people prying into her personal life, and having her fans save and share these photos around. "It's not like it's a nude" or "we barely get alycia content it's her own fault" are absolutely NOT excuses and does NOT give you the right to keep that photo. It's private, nobody has the right to expose and share private things of somebodys life. Take a step back and think about how you'd feel if somebody hacked you and shared something of yours that was private. And Alycia doesn't owe anybody anything, she does not owe you anything, she does not owe me anything. She's an actress dedicated to her work, no matter who she is, you have no right to invade someones private life. respect is the fucking key in being a decent human being. people wonder why Alycia distances herself from social media. hell, theres your reason. not only are people constantly harassing her about her ex boyfriend, people are hacking into her private life and leaking private images and info, what's worse is people that are meant to be her fans completely support this bullshit. By keeping the photo or keeping it up on social media, you're essentially supporting it. She's stated more than once, she likes her private life, private. RESPECT ALYCIA. PLEASE.
clexaxau Preach sister.
hedasbitch We did it guys. Zimbio 2k17. I'm eager for our voices to be heard now. Thank you all for voting ❀
hedasbitch we're dropping too low, let's maintain this lead guys. vote for clexa, link in bio ❀
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hedasbitch when the guilty plays victim, go to school kids, focus on something rather than harassing people and displays abhorrent behaviour on social media πŸ™„ lets just ignore them, shall we? ANYWAY VOTE FOR CLEXA LINK IN BIO WE NEED OUR % HIGHER. POLL CLOSES IN 13 HOURS? I think... UPDATE: it actually has 24 hours to go πŸ˜ͺ
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hedasbitch could y'all please go report/block @niytavia, she won't stop harassing me, threatening me and telling me to kill myself... all because of a tv show. some people need to grow the fuck up (Commens on every post have been disabled so she can't use other accounts to try and abuse me on my posts. So if you wish to comment something feel free to dm me)
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hedasbitch Old but gold πŸ”₯❀ Don't forget to Vote for Clexa. Our % is increasing again so we need to gain a bigger lead. Link in bio 🌹
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hedasbitch Keep voting for Clexa, Link in bio ❀ (Manip not mine)
hedasbitch Also y'all better be voting for Clexa. Link in bio ❀
hedasbitch I've decided to come back to IG for the meantime, hopefully the toxicity has decreased a little. Just know I'll be blocking anyone that tries harassment/bullying/spamming ect. This is meant to be a fun place, to share the characters/actresses that we love. My opinions on the show still stand, but that's doesn't mean I can't have an account to celebrate characters that are part of a movement I'm so passionate about. Let this be a happy place. Be nice. Spread positivity. If we can agree on those terms, I'm glad to be back. - Tam