//Eliza & Dichen own my ass// "I've got boobs and hips and I like those, I don't wanna change them" - EJ
hedasbitch ELYZA LEX
clexa.fic.recs Bless this πŸ’¦
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hedasbitch Alycia smiling as Lexa gives me life
princess.mechanic 😍πŸ”₯
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hedasbitch I can do this. I can do this. I can do this. Self determination. Sweat. Dedication. I'll be a better me.
for100fans I am walking 🚢 and have lost a lot of weight. If I can any one can. So do it.
clexaxau Same. I'll do this.
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hedasbitch My inspiration ❀
hedacarey she is so beautiful i cant
hedasbitch Anyway Lexa deserved better
for100fans I agree. 🌺🌹
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hedasbitch Good morning ❀ Also note; To those petty asses that can't stop harassing Lindsey on social media, grow the fuck up. Not everything is about ships. Your ship is FAKE. Lindsey is a REAL person. A beautiful, down to earth and a generous person who deserves all the love in the fucking world. When other members of the cast spoke down about Clexa, we took to questioning it rather than attacking them. And it's not only that, majority of Bellarke shippers are very young, so I don't expect them to understand fully, but also making fun of Clexa shippers, an oppressed community, because their rep is dead is absolutely disgusting. We're talking about a death that fell under BYG and caused grown adults to break sobriety, teens to start cutting, and the staff and actors were so frightened by the messages they were receiving from fans that they actually started posting numbers for suicide hotlines... Tell me how that isn't a serious issue. You're quick to call our fandom toxic, take a look around you. Here we have a fandom that are so immature and tantrum whenever something negative is said against your non canon ship (I'm not saying all bellarke shippers) but there is ALOT like this. Most of the cast have admitted to not shipping Bellarke... It isn't even canon, and it's a basic m/f ship... Leave Lindsey the fuck alone, Leave Eliza alone. Leave any of the cast alone it is just a fucking ship, go get a life, take a nap, stay of social media jesus christ. Try and attack me on this post like y'all always do, lmao sorry but I won't be able to hear you over the sound of heterosexual tears, bye πŸ‘‹
emisxn.clexa Yea I also ship stydia but honestly I ship everyone on teen Wolf with each other @heda.stydia
emisxn.clexa Yes and sterek. @heda.stydia
hedasbitch she looks good 😩😩😩
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hedasbitch Also regarding my second last caption. If you want to watch the fucking show just don't watch live it's as simple as that. It's like some of you completely forget about the lying, the baiting, everything they did to use us, hurt us. Our decision to not watch the show isn't just because of Lexas character, but what she meant and how they fucking baited our asses for months. Even after they said Lexa WOULDN'T die, more than fucking once. When someone asked about the possible death of Lexa and the byg trope something that has affected those apart of the LGBT+ community for years, yet they replied "If you don't believe us by now then you guys need counselling" GUYS THIS WAS IN A CHAT SPECIFICALLY FOR LGBT+ VIEWERS. THEY COURTED US TO WATCH THEIR SHOW TO GAIN FUCKING RATINGS. CLEXA BOUGHT THE RATINGS. CLEXA GOT THE SHOW NOTICED. THEY. FUCKING. USED US. What is there not to understand on why a lot of choose not to watch that fucking show. People ARE still hurting. You're either uneducated or choose not to acknowledge it but we aren't just fighting because of a character. We're fighting for who we are, our representation, our right to have proper rep on TV without being killed off purely just for shock value. When told to look for other rep I ask where? Nothing made me feel a sense of normality in the in which Clexa did and so many of us feel like that... And we can't help assimilating and being so emotionally invested in characters we identify with. You call us selfish for not watching the show because of this issue, I call YOU selfish because a lot of you would rather ignore the more important issue and have your fucking crack ship that reeks of heteronormativity. And you'd rather keep the cast where they are now, instead of giving them the chance to move onto bigger and better things. Eliza has even had other project offers but has had to decline because of this show. They deserve to move onto something better than just a show with teenagers as the target audience. State whatever you want in the comments that may be against my caption. I'll reply with why you're wrong. STOP telling us what and what we shouldn't do. To Clexa shippers, Never forget, if you want to t-
emisxn.clexa @edwardisking it was so boring. The grounders made it a bit better half way through
hedasbitch If you have twitter help us counter trend BUT SHE LOVES LEXA. Bellarke shippers are trending with 10k+ tweets with "She has Bellamy" creating hundreds of egg accounts just to trend shouldn't be allowed πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ anyway, HELP US TREND.
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hedasbitch The1OO πŸ‘ is πŸ‘ trying πŸ‘ to πŸ‘ bait πŸ‘ us πŸ‘ into πŸ‘ watching πŸ‘ the πŸ‘ first πŸ‘ 3 πŸ‘ episodes πŸ‘ so πŸ‘ that πŸ‘ they πŸ‘ can πŸ‘ get πŸ‘ renewedπŸ‘ for πŸ‘ S5 πŸ‘ DON'T TAKE THE BAIT. Season 4 will involve diminishing Lexas legacy. Like she never mattered. Like WE don't matter. Don't forget about BYG and the fight we held after Lexa died, how we felt lost, our identity and belonging that we found within her character, had been ripped from us in the most horrific of ways. NEVER FORGET.
emisxn.clexa @sadiethomas_ he literally said it from his mouth
emisxn.clexa @delinquent_squad no I don't like vilonce and your welcome. I guess people don't know how bad that industry can get. Sometimes actors or mostly celebrities don't get a say in what they want to do
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hedasbitch Girls. Girls. Girls. Girls.
for100fans My 4 main girls.
for100fans Sweetness in one photo.
hedasbitch OH MY GOD!!!
alyciaooo BOXTSB BYE
alyciaooo OHMTNFBBD
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hedasbitch I miss Anya almost as much as I miss Lexa. Fuck the skyrats (i only claim Clarke and Raven) I only care about the grounders, they made the fucking show
clexa.vibes This pic just became one of my favorites.
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hedasbitch This time last year we were hyped about season 3 :(
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hedasbitch I miss you Heda
the100nova Me too
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hedasbitch L E X A