Ultimate Denzel Curry

denzelcurryph Only a few tickets left.
empeezy_mack Yoo I'm in LA for my bday till Monday morning 🤘🏽
coach_azer @richard_dela_folks don't talk to me lol
denzelcurryph I wish you were here today I miss you and I love you watch over wherever I go I know God got you and you with grandma and granddaddy and I know you proud of me I'm going to keep your legacy alive on everything ULT Happy Birthday Treon Lotto Johnson
300java R.i.p 💯
willrimington RIP 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
denzelcurryph I'm going to miss China 🇨🇳 ULT
splashzanotti This epic
willrimington Ayyyyyy reply to your texts @denzelcurryph
youngkneekaps My brother got dem step daddy threezy's on
zye_hippie @youngkneekaps 😭😭😭😭😭
denzelcurryph Be Happy 2017
eqobking Oh shxt say word.
denzelcurryph See you at @Coachella on the 14th & 21st #ULT #C9isthefuture
tybass It's lit
beautifulxambitious Awe I wish I could go
denzelcurryph Last year I've learned a lot and it turned out to be one of the best years of my life but now it's 2017 and I'm about to be 22 which to most people is the duality stage of there life I can choose to be positive or negative but I'm going find a way to balance the two. Regardless of how much shade and negativity you throw my way by the end you will respect me on everything. I was a good person to people who didn't give a fuck about me last year the only thing they seen from me was the power I had. I'm a compassionate human being and I'm going to reach my fullest potential if you want to be apart of this journey then fuck with me if not... then Unfollow me right now that just shows you weren't down to begin with. 2017 you will witness a great change within me and I'm going to dive deep into who I really am... as soon as I find it my actions will show you what I'm capable of. And to you other motherfuckas that don't like me due to your own personal reasons the only thing I'm going to do is pray for you and wish you the best. People are quick to judge what they don't know or understand but save it cause all in all 2017 I will over come, adapt and evolve I appreciate the love and the hate because you need a balance between the two. You are God You are the Devil make your decisions wisely ULT
dancin_on_the_moon 😍😍😍😍😍😍 love you
newbeginnings_hairstyles Well said 💯💯💯