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daenerysstormbornkhaleesi 👑One of the cutest things anyone ever did for me was when @jaimesrighthand took my phone, secretly went to my amazon wishlist, screenshotted everything, sent the screenshots on whatsapp, deleted our chat, deleted the stuff from my wishlist and gave it to me for my birthday👑#Daenerys #daenerystargaryen #khaleesi #emiliaclarke #motherofdragons #got #gameofthrones #gameofthronesfamily #asoiaf #asoiaffamily #gameofthronesseason2 #SpoilerFreeGoT
kiingdrogon Honestly .... i would love a cheese wheel 😂😊😊 @the_mobile_mountain
kiingdrogon Thats seriously so adorable tho 🙌🏼🤗😍
thefuryiscoming what's passive about "fuck optimists"? I think it's quite straight forward @nivek_htims
kiingdrogon Lol i just came back to read all of the comments 😂😂 @thefuryiscoming (i think the problem with this guy is that he/she is trying really hard to sound like an optimist when deep down theyre pesssimistic as fuck but they dont realize it. So absolutely nothing they said made any sense. Plus they're uneducated. Lol)
daenerysstormbornkhaleesi 👑Literally my face when someone tells me I'm wrong about something I'm sure about and I prove that I'm right👑#Daenerys #daenerystargaryen #khaleesi #emiliaclarke #motherofdragons #got #gameofthrones #gameofthronesfamily #asoiaf #asoiaffamily #gameofthronesseason6 #SpoilerFreeGoT
silver.qveen So true 😂😂
northern.bastard You're wrong
daenerysstormbornkhaleesi 👑Sherlock season 4 disappointed me so much like seriously you don't need 3 years for this? I'm not even interested in watching season 5 anymore 👑#Daenerys #daenerystargaryen #khaleesi #emiliaclarke #motherofdragons #got #gameofthrones #gameofthronesfamily #asoiaf #asoiaffamily #gameofthronesseason3 #SpoilerFreeGoT
history_and_thrones The last espisode was bollocks
daenerysstormbornkhaleesi 👑Sometimes I'm so disappointed of everyone I'm not even in a bad mood I just stop giving a fuck about stuff 👑#Daenerys #daenerystargaryen #khaleesi #emiliaclarke #motherofdragons #got #gameofthrones #gameofthronesfamily #asoiaf #asoiaffamily #gameofthronesseason3 #SpoilerFreeGoT
series.of.thrones What has happened?
daenerysstormbornkhaleesi 👑I enjoyed watching passengers, the acting of both Jennifer and Chris was on point (and shy Chris was sooo adorable 😪) and I liked the philosophical aspects of it like, what would you do if you were stranded on a ship for the rest of your life and you had the choice to get someone with you... but it's not one of my new favorite movies and not one that makes me say: you shouldn't miss this!!!! (Also, anyone knows where I can get this white bikini thing Jen was wearing?😅) 👑 #serjorah #jorahmormont#Daenerys #daenerystargaryen #khaleesi #emiliaclarke #motherofdragons #got #gameofthrones #gameofthronesfamily #asoiaf #asoiaffamily #gameofthronesseason5 #SpoilerFreeGoT
kiingdrogon I want the bathing suit too 😩😭 but then i would want to look like jen, and shes absolutely perfect so it may be a let down. You would look amazing tho👌🏼😉
davidellis01 LOL, I'm looking forward to seeing it - thanks for your comments!! 😎
daenerysstormbornkhaleesi 👑Remember to avoid ladders and black cats at all costs today 👑 PS. Today is a great day to have unprotected sex, what could possibly go wrong? #spoilerfreegot #daenerys #daenerystargaryen #khaleesi #emiliaclarke #motherofdragons #gameofthronesfamily #got #gameofthrones #asoiaf #asoiaffamily #gameofthronesfunny #gameofthronesmemes #funny #gameofthronescast
thewingedshadow 😂🙌🏻
series.of.thrones The last episode.. I am dying
series.of.thrones Yes!! And I LOVE it! I have finished it yesterday tho and my life feels empty now 😣 @gameofthronesgram
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daenerysstormbornkhaleesi 👑❗️ATTENTION PLEASE READ❗️ you might have noticed that @thefuryiscoming has been posting for me while I was gone a few times now, so he has my password. His edits are absolutely amazing so we decided it's the easiest if he can use my page to just post them on here whenever he feels like it. However, his posts will be clearly signed as his so you guys won't be too confused about the situation. ❗️❗️THE COMMENTS, LIKES AND DMS FROM THE ACCOUNT @daenerysstormbornkhaleesi ARE ALL STILL ME (Sophia) THE ORIGINAL ADMIN OF THIS PAGE❗️❗️so, to sum this up quickly again: there won't be any big changes just a few amazing Daenerys edits posted by @thefuryiscoming 👑
silver.qveen Good idea🔥❤
kiingdrogon @kitharxngton noooooooo... because thats just giving the man what he wants, and torturing a poor girl 😭😭😂 lol
kitharxngton @kiingdrogon but HE'S HOTTER 😰 and u miss the dick damn u right ;(
daenerysstormbornkhaleesi 👑Did you mean: a song of ice and fire (aka game of thrones)? 👑
series.of.thrones Oh.. uhm.. how much do I owe you for psychical disease? 😇
daenerysstormbornkhaleesi 👑Hey gurls and boiz I made a list of 17 things that will help you get through 2017 because those things would have helped me a lot in 2016 so I thought I might share my wisdom with y'all 🌚 1. Drink a lot of water 2. If a guy has a female best friend, don't date him 3. Text first 4. Laugh about your own embarrassments so they become less embarrassing 5. Don't use cheap skin or hair products they will ruin you if you can't afford expensive ones just use water 6. If he doesn't text back he ain't worth it 7. Other people's sexualities are none of your business as long as you're not the one having sex with them 8. If you're a dog person: stop hating on cats 9. Don't forget your friends 10. If you wanna be a hoe be a hoe it's fun 11. But be a safe hoe if you have unprotected sex you will get pregnant and die 12. Don't unfollow my account it's bad luck believe me 🌚 13. SIN 14. Don't do drugs or drink too much alcohol when you're surrounded by people you don't trust 15. If you're under 19 years old and someone more than 7 years older than you wants to date you I'm telling you he's using you it's not healthy 16. If you're not sure if you're in love you're not in love 17. If you actually read all of the above you are patient and kind and you deserve to have a great 2017 I love you cutiepie 👑 #Daenerys #daenerystargaryen #khaleesi #emiliaclarke #motherofdragons #got #gameofthrones #gameofthronesfamily #asoiaf #asoiaffamily #gameofthronesseason5 #SpoilerFreeGoT
davidellis01 Sorry I missed this earlier - fascinating to read! Thanks for sharing and hope you have a fantastic 2017. 👏👏