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breakbeatsand808s New article out now on Breakbeatsand808s.com. In this new segment called "Breakbeatsand808s.com presents", I try to push and support talented and upcoming artists from all over the world. Part 1 is about Musa Reems out of Chicago. Link to the article is in the bio. Contact me if you wanna get featured in the next part. @musareems #hiphop #article #rap #chicagorap #chicago #music
musareems Thanks to @breakbeatsand808s for this write-up!! This means a lot! It's #WhereTheSunNeverRisesSeason !!!β˜οΈπŸ’­πŸŒ©πŸŒ¨β˜€οΈ
musareems @breakbeatsand808s Thanks! Love all the way from Chicago too! πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’ͺπŸΎπŸ‘ŒπŸΎ
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breakbeatsand808s New stuff out now on Breakbeatsand808s.com. After I already ranked my favourite hip hop albums of the year, I now also released a list of my favourite non-hip hop projects of 2016. Hope you enjoy. Link to the article is in the bio. #bestof2016 #rnb #funk #brunomars #6Lack #music #childishgambino #themind
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breakbeatsand808s New stuff out now on breakbeatsand808s.com. Created a list of my favorite 20 hip hop projects of 2016. The link to the article is in the bio. Hope you enjoy. Rights to this great picture belong to @_brandonartis #favouritemusic #hiphop #rap #playlist #bestof2016 #andersonpaak #schoolboyq #kanyewest
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breakbeatsand808s New playlist out now on Breakbeatsand808s.com. This time I created a list of my ten favourite Travis Scott tracks. Link is in the bio. @travisscott #travisscott #top10 #playlist #laflame
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breakbeatsand808s One week ago I created a list of my 50 favourite hip hop tracks of 2016 and published it on my website breakbeatsand808s.com The link to this list is in the bio. info: This list does not include any tracks of the newly released Run The Jewels 3 Hope you like it. If you share my opinion or have a different view just comment beneath this text. #bestof2016 #hiphop #rap #tracks #besthiphoptracks #blog #article #andersonpaak
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breakbeatsand808s New article out now on breakbeatsand808s.com In this article series I discuss the message of the different hip hop genres and explain their development over the years. Link to the article is in the bio. Hope you enjoy. #trap #hiphop #developmentofhiphop #article #guccimane #blog
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breakbeatsand808s Over the last few months, I listened to a lot of new southern trap music, which is heavily influenced by the works of artists like the $uicideboy$, Ghostmane, Xavier Wulff, Fat Nick and Pouya. The latter released a project called "Underground Underdog", to which I listened to last week. I was very excited for the album 'cause I've been listening to "Terminal Sex" (his dopest song in my opinion) for the last month on a daily basis. The mixture of singing and rapping (he handles both duties very well), seemed very intriguing ... ... but his latest project, which was already released in April, really deflated my hopes this week. I liked the album. The production by "Getter" was great. The problem is, that it just isn't special. There were some unnecessary fillers, which could have been avoided. What the heck was "Badonk" feat. Ying Yang Twins??? Although Pouya gives us an interesting mix of flow changes and some vocal performances, the project doesn't sound that coherent and structured. The features aren't really improving the tape either. I like the @suicideboys6 feature. (These guys never fail and just always deliver) Pouya got potential, which he already showed a lot of times. Next time I would just hope for a grimier and more conceptual project. @pouya Rating:60/100 Favourite tracks: Great Influence, But Wait, There's More, Hunnit Hunnit #pouya #undergroundunderdog #trap #hiphop #review #suicideboys
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breakbeatsand808s New article out now on Breakbeatsand808s.com Link in Bio. In the first part of this article I discuss the development of lyric based/conscious rap (Most notable at the East- and West coast) My focal point is the development and change of the message, which the rappers want to convey to the listeners, over the last 25 years. Hope you enjoy. #article #rap #message #hiphop #eastcoast #westcoast #blog
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breakbeatsand808s Newest article out now. Link in the Bio. πŸ‘Œ The article is written in the form of a letter. A letter, which I address at J Cole @realcoleworld directly. In the letter I discuss his development over the last few years and his latest project "4 Your Eyez Only". #jcole #article #4youreyezonly #hiphop #review #blog
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breakbeatsand808s "Late Knight Special" by @kirkknight It was already released in 2015, but i first listened to it one week ago. I knew that Kirk Knight is a great producer, but i didn't know that the pro era member can also succeed as a MC. Gotta say that I love his new project. As I already expected, the production is on point. Just so wavy and mellow. Kirk also adds this "newyorkian" touch, which I really love. Hands up, he's one of the best boom bam beat producers. His flow needs improvement at some points. But he just covers these small deficits with his musicality and lyrical performance. The project begins slow and a little bit boring. But the tracks after that really bang. Kirk Knight really picked perfect features. I really was a fan of the guest appearances of @mickjenkins @themindmusic (my favourite new gen r'n'b artist) and @joeybadass. All in all, you should definitely give Kirk Knights debut album a listen. @kirkknight really has a bright future in front of him, if he continues to create great music. Rating: 80/100 Favourite tracks: Knight Time, One Knight feat.The Mind, I Know feat. Mick Jenkins, The Future feat. The Mind #kirkknight #review #article #hiphop #lateknoghtspecial #newyorkhiphop
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breakbeatsand808s While I'm still waiting for @atlantafx, I listened to @childishgambino 's latest project called "Awaken, My Love". If you expected a Gambino hip hop Album, you won't be satisfied by this project. Why...? Because it's a mixture of funk and soul, he combines on these 11 tracks. But don't worry. It's a full success. Childish Gambino is just so talented and proves it with ""Awaken, My Love". The production is just on point and Gambino perfectly adapts the vocals and his own lyrics to the atmosphere created by this excellent production. You should definitely check it out. It's just so smooth and coherent. Some tracks like "Boogieman" and "Redbone" are very funky and remind me of 80's disco joints. Other tracks like "Baby Boy" and "Me And Your Mama" are more soulful and emotional. It's worth a listen. Enjoy it. #Shoutout to @childishgambino Rating: 80/100 Favourite tracks: Boogieman, Redbone, Have Some Love #ChildishGambino #awakenmylove #donaldglover #review #funk
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breakbeatsand808s Shoutout to @nileross for releasing one of the dopest tracks of the year. "On The Road" by Nile Ross is just so honest and is by far my favourite track out of his latest project "The Lotus Effect". Check it out on @hotnewhiphop . A website, which early helped Nile releasing his dope mixtapes. You should also definitely check out his other project like "Year Of Th3 V" and "Xie-Xie". Great guy. Developed great. Improves every time, he drops a mixtape. He gonna be big in the next few years. Victory After Victory #VAV #hotnewhiphop #nileross #thelotuseffect #ontheroad #hiphop
nileross Thank you man this means a lot
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breakbeatsand808s "Hip Hop Evolution" was created in 2016 and is now on Netflix. "Hip Hop Evolution", hands down, is one of the best hip hop documentaries I've ever seen!!! It's a must view for every hip hop geek. The documentary features interviews by Grandmaster Flash, Afrika Bambaata and several other influential DJ's and MC'S. It's just so detailed and informative. But the documtenary still keeps it's own style and is very refreshing in my opinion. Furthermore, host @shadkmusic creates a very personal feeling with the audience by adding own anecdotes and conducting the several interviews very well. Great project!!! #shoutout to the creators of "Hip Hop Evolution" and @shadkmusic . #documentary #hiphop #oldschool #netflix #hiphopevolution