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australia Lest we forget. Around Australia today, #AnzacDay services were held at dawn to remember all Australians and New Zealanders who served and died in war and in service for their country. The spirit of #Anzac and its qualities of courage, mateship, and sacrifice continue to live on and have become an important part of our national identity. Hundreds of services and marches will be held around the country throughout the day today; perhaps the most notable of which is the National Ceremony held at the @awmemorial in @visitcanberra. If you’re heading to #Canberra sometime, allow a few hours to visit the Memorial; it’s open 364 days and entry is via gold coin donation. #lestweforget #anzacday2017 Photos: - North Bondi RSL @scott_on_instag - Australian War Memorial @awmemorial - Australian War Memorial @suecoultas - Shrine of Remembrance @im_rowey - Currumbin Beach @shari89 - Surfers Paradise Beach Follow
australia Imagine going for a stroll and spotting this gorgeous #koala joey in the trees above you 🐨 This is a common sight on @authentickangarooisland in @southaustralia, which is home to thousands of #koalas. #KangarooIsland is a safe haven for many wildlife species including kangaroos, wallabies and echidnas. It's also the world’s only sanctuary for Ligurian bees, which has created a thriving honey industry on the island. Photo: @kangarooislandodysseys #wildlife #koala #wildlifephotography #australia #southaustralia
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australia Who needs a spa bath when you can take a dip at #KondalillaFalls? This refreshing natural pool in @queensland's @visitsunshinecoast hinterland is ideal for cooling off on a warm day. You can walk here via the Kondalilla Falls circuit trail, which takes you from the top of the falls past rock pools, rainforest and down the escarpment to a picnic area. The return hike back up the ridge is quite steep so allow plenty of time. Photo: @j_kreiss #waterfall #nature #landscape #thisisqueensland #queensland
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australia There's plenty of colour to be found on a cloudy day in @visitmelbourne 🎨 This is #HosierLane, which is rather famous for its street art; in fact, it's the mishmash of commissioned artworks here that have made the #Melbourne urban art scene renowned across the globe. The vivid array of colours, characters and shapes have been created by local and international artists. If you want to learn more, take a walking tour with an expert local company to get the inside scoop. Photo: @rayofmelbourne #melbourne #streetart #art #visitmelbourne #artworks
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australia @enigmaimmortal hey there! Check out @visitmelbourne page for inspiration for your trip, or head to their website for some laneway tour tips... Maybe they'll even answer you on here with some tour guide recommendations for #Melbourne
australia How good is nature?! That's what @nik_to had to say about this surreal scene she captured on @lordhoweislandtourism recently, and you'd have to agree - it's pretty darn impressive! #LordHoweIsland is part of @visitnsw, and you can fly here from @sydney or @visitbrisbane in under two hours. On arrival, you'll be greeted by formidable volcanic mountains, lush greenery and sparkling blue water. Warning - you may never want to leave! #island #newsouthwales #clouds #mountains #landscape
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australia Welcome to @westernaustralia's natural aquarium - the #NingalooMarinePark πŸ‘Œ The water here is so clear you could almost mistake this photo for an above/below shot (if it wasn't for the jet ski in the corner!). The #NingalooReef stretches for around 260 kilometres along @australiascoralcoast and is teeming with turtles, tropical fish, manta rays, humpback whales and the elusive whale shark. Photo: @bjk_photo #coralreef #reef #ningaloo #ocean #beach
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australia Wishing you a happy Sunday from the autumn-clad streets of #Tenterfield in @visitnsw πŸ‘Œ This regional town is awash with autumn hues right now, creating postcard-worthy photography opportunities left, right and centre. Located three hours due-west of Byron Bay, Tenterfield is a lovely town to escape to for a peaceful getaway in the countryside. It's also easily driveable from @visitbrisbane or the @destinationgoldcoast. Photo: @playfullens #autumn #countryside #travelphotography #autumnleaves #newsouthwales
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australia "Kapow!" πŸ‘Š Steve's feeling pretty good about his right jab, and he's certainly got a rather beautiful location in which to practise it! He lives in the spectacular Deep Creek Conservation Park in @southaustralia, which is around 90 minutes' drive from Adelaide. If you're keen to spend some quality time with the wildlife, this coastal reserve offers bush camping - and the good news is that four of the campgrounds here are accessible by two-wheel drive vehicles. Photo: @izegutribe #wildlife #wildlifephotography #australia #southaustralia #kangaroo
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australia Feeling a little moody are we, #Bondi? These dramatic skies over the @icebergsclub pool at #BondiBeach in @sydney were captured by @elisaeves. The lap pool here is perfect for a refreshing (and rather scenic!) dip, and it's 100% salt water from the ocean in case you're not a fan of chlorine. For those who'd prefer to stay dry, you can grab a coffee or a meal overlooking the ocean - not a bad spot to dine, right?! #sydney #pool #swimmingpool #ocean #beach
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australia πŸ’™ Remembering Patrick, the world's oldest wombat | 1985 - 2017 πŸ’™ This week, the team from @ballaratwildlifepark sadly farewelled their buddy Patrick, who at 31 years old was the world's oldest known bare-nosed #wombat in captivity. Over the years, Patrick has stolen the hearts of thousands of visitors and fans worldwide - he was named third on a list of the world’s greatest city mascots and even had his own profile on Tinder! Patrick led a long and happy life having been brought to the park as an orphan in 1987, exceeding his life expectancy by more than a decade. Rest in peace, Pat - there's a blue wheelbarrow in wombat heaven with your name on it! Photo: @visitballarat #wildlife #ballarat #visitballarat #visitvictoria #wildlifephotography
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australia Wildlife with wild views at Point Lookout on #NorthStradbrokeIsland πŸ‘Œ North 'Straddie' is a subtropical island located off the coast of @visitbrisbane in @queensland. There are plenty of native critters on the island, including koalas, echidnas, turtles, and bandicoots. Kangaroos and wallabies can often be spotted munching on the grass near the 38 kilometre-long Main Beach on the eastern side of the island at sunrise and sunset. Photo: @j_kreiss #wildlife #australia #wildlifephotography #queensland #thisisqueensland
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australia Talk about an Insta-worthy scene! The view from #BorokaLookout in @thegrampians is rather impressive, especially at #sunset. It's often referred to as one of the best lookouts in the #Grampians, offering 180-degree views of Western Victoria over #HallsGap and Lake Bellfield. Plus, it's only a short walk from the carpark to the lookout, and there are picnic tables and facilities if you want to stay a little longer. Photo: @ukperth #visitvictoria #lookout #wanderlust #landscape #travel
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