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australia Does water get any clearer than this?! πŸ’¦ These are the sparkling waters of #WhitehavenBeach in the @whitsundaysqld. These two lucky people got the whole sandbar to themselves by the looks of things, which isn't out of the question if you visit outside of peak periods. Regardless, Whitehaven Beach itself is a glorious seven kilometres long, so there's plenty of powdery-white sand to go around. Photo: @agiletravel #lovewhitsundays #thisisqueensland #explore #travel #wanderlust
australia "Wake me up when Monday's over..." - That all too familiar feeling at the start of the week 😴 @fredibh spotted this #koala catching forty winks at the @australianreptilepark in @visitnsw. Evidently, there are more than just reptiles at this wildlife park in @ourcentralcoast; be sure to pop in the visit the koalas, dingoes, kangaroos, wombats, echidnas, platypus and Tasmanian Devils. Oh, and don't forget the pygmy possums! Photo: @fredibh #newsouthwales #centralcoastNSW #travel #explore #photooftheday
australia Sending you a virtual postcard from @seeuluru in the @ausoutbacknt - wish you were here! You'll hardly be able to put your camera down when you first clap eyes on this sacred monolith in @visitcentralaus, but we recommend taking a moment to look out from behind the lens and breathe it in. This phenomenal landmark is a special sacred site for the local Aboriginal people, so it's important to be respectful of the signs and only take photos from afar or from designated areas up close. Photo: @jseestheworld #seeuluru #exploreuluru #redcentreNT #NTaustralia #explore
australia What an impressive entrance! This the walkway to the Kazu Pearl Farm on Friday Island in the #TorresStrait. You can take a guided tour of this historic yet fully operational pearl farm, where you'll learn about the cultivation, seeding and harvesting of the oyster (did you know it can take two years to grow a pearl?!). You'll also get to indulge in a Japanese-style seafood lunch overlooking the magnificent blue waters of the Torres Strait. Photo: @_markfitz #explore #travel #wanderlust #photooftheday #travelgram
australia It's a tough gig being Australia's most adorable animal, but it's all in a day's work for George the #wombat at the @australianreptilepark! This little fella may not be little anymore, but he's clearly still stealing hearts - he's officially taken out the title of 'Australia's most adorable animal' in an online poll by @experienceoz. After a rough start to life, George has been hand-raised by @timswildlife and the team at the #AustralianReptilePark in @visitnsw. As you can see here, he's still a big baby - but can you really blame him for enjoying a warm bottle of milk and a tummy tickle?! Video: @australianreptilepark #newsouthwales #centralcoastNSW #travel #explore #wildlife
australia What a stunning carpet of colour! This gorgeous display is at @mountainviewfarmtilbatilba in @visitnsw's @eurobodalla region. According to @davey_rogers who visited recently, the owner of this picturesque property in Tilba Tilba has planted a field of paper daisies here, with the sole purpose of "making people happy". This type of paper daisy, also known as an everlasting, is actually native to Western and South Australia, but they happen to look particularly pretty on this property overlooking Little Dromedary Mountain. #newsouthwales #travel #explore #wanderlust #photooftheday
australia "We'll need to raise this tripod a little, can you lend me a paw?" - The #kangaroos of #CapeHillsborough take their photography rather seriously! Photographers who set up to capture the sunrise at this beautiful beach in the @visitmackay region are quite often greeted by kangaroos and wallabies, who'll hop up to say g'day and check out their equipment. If you're looking for an up close wildlife encounter, be sure to add this part of @queensland to your bucket list. Photo: @stormybeachbelle #thisisqueensland #meetmackayregion #explore #travel #wildlifephotography
australia Today, we're going hiking in beautiful @westernaustralia πŸ‘Œ The #BibbulmunTrack stretches for over 1,000 kilometres but you can experience the highlights in just four days. @walkintoluxury runs an abridged version of this sensational walk through the majestic wilderness of the Great Southern region of @australiassw. As you may be able to tell from this photo, you're not likely to bump into many other people here, but don't worry - the local wildlife will keep you company! Photo: @walkintoluxury #justanotherdayinwa #australiassw #hiking #travel #explore
australia Hold onto your hats, you're about to witness the thundering #WallamanFalls in @queensland! This magnificent cascade is, in fact, the highest single drop waterfall in Australia, at a towering 268 metres. You'll find this incredible waterfall in the Girringun National Park, around 2.5 hours' drive from @townsvillenorthqueensland. It's the ideal stop if you're taking a road trip between Townsville and the tropical city of #Cairns. Photo: @robertdowniephotography #thisisqueensland #explore #travel #wanderlust #photooftheday
australia Look closely - that's no ordinary whale tail! Yesterday, guests on board @whalewatchingsydney were treated to a visit from Australia's most legendary marine mammal - #Migaloo the white whale. This unique creature has been holidaying off Australia's eastern coastline over the winter months for several years now. Given his all-white colouring, he doesn't exactly blend in - which makes him easy to spot! You might be lucky enough to see Migaloo during Australia's whale watching season, which spans for roughly six months of the year from late May until the end of November. Photo: @whalewatchingsydney #ilovesydney #whalewatching #travel #explore #wanderlust
australia "I swear I left my towel around here somewhere..." - The local wildlife love to spend time at the beaches of the @visitnewcastle_aus region, and can you blame them?! We're actually a little bit surprised that old mate the #echidna here has lost his towel; it's not like the beach is packed with people. This is what the beaches in this part of @visitnsw are often like - no crowds, no fuss, and maybe some resident wildlife just soaking up the sunshine (if you're lucky). Photo: @tegancurwood #newsouthwales #newcastle #travel #explore #wildlifephotography
australia Even if you visited one beach in the @sapphirecoastnsw every day, it would take five months to explore them all. Pretty incredible, right?! This stunning part of @visitnsw is home to more than 150 beaches and 400 kilometres of estuarine foreshore. Pictured here is #PambulaBeach, which, despite its remote appearance, is actually patrolled by the local surf lifesaving club over the summer months. Winning! Photo: @itsworthashot #sapphirecoast #newsouthwales #explore #travel #photooftheday
australia Care to take a stroll around the biggest floral festival in the southern hemisphere? All you need to do is watch our Instagram Story! ⬆️ Pictured here are some of the early blooms at @floriade_australia, which runs until October 15 in @visitcanberra. This spectacular showcase not only features over one million bulbs, but has taken 3,000 trailers of potting mix and a talented team of 350 people to put the show together over the course of more than six months. Don't miss it! Photo: @carolelvin #visitcanberra #canberra #floriade #travel #explore
australia "Welcome to #WilsonsProm! How was the drive?" - @fitbackpacker was greeted by this cheerful #wombat on a recent visit to Wilsons Promontory National Park in the @visitgippsland region. Located at the southern tip of the state of Victoria, Wilsons Prom is around three hours' drive from @visitmelbourne and is jam-packed with wildlife like this furry fellow. You can camp overnight or stay in the cabins or glamping-style safari tents run by @parksvic = more time to hang out with the wombats! #visitvictoria #inspiredbygippsland #visitgippsland #travel #explore #wildlifephotographyβ €β €β €
australia Talk about million-dollar views! This is the kind of scene you'll be treated to if you head out on the waters of #SydneyHarbour. If you're an experienced seafarer or keen to give it a go, @pilgrimsailing offers hands-on sailing adventures through @sydney harbour - they'll even take you to their sailing club afterwards so you can mingle with the local yachties over a bite to eat. Note: if tacking and jibing sounds like too much hard work, you can kick back with a beverage and just admire the views. Photo: @edringwood #ilovesydney #sydney #travel #explore #photooftheday
australia Wowzers, @lizardisland - you really know how to catch someone's attention! According to @julesingall, you need to "add this place to your bucket list... pictures just don't do justice to how beautiful it is." Located in the @gbrmarinepark off the coast of @tropicalnorthqueensland, this island is home to 24 powdery-white sand beaches and over 1000 hectares of national park. Oh, and the resort here is one of the @luxurylodgesofaustralia, which basically means it's amazing. Photo: @julesingall #thisisqueensland #luxurylodgesofaustralia #exploreTNQ #travel #wanderlust
australia "Just a trim around the ears, but leave the sideburns please." - Lord Bernie is rather particular about how he likes his fur cut! We're just kidding; this dapper fellow actually admitted himself to the @portmacquariekoalahospital in @visitnsw recently and is pictured here undergoing a routine check-up. The good news is that he was given the all-clear and released back into the bush nearby. 1, 2, 3... everybody say "awwww!" Photo: Port Macquarie Koala Hospital #newsouthwales #explore #travel #wildlifephotography #wildlife
australia G'day from #WineglassBay in @tasmania πŸ‘Œ If you're going to tick #Tasmania off your bucket list, a flight over this famous bay is essential. As you can see here, it looks incredible from the air! There are several expert local operators that offer flights over this stunning bay in @eastcoasttasmania, including @freycinet_air and @paraviontas. If scenic flights aren't your thing, be sure to hike up to the Wineglass Bay lookout for equally impressive views - just a little closer to the ground! Photo: @laurenlcooper #discovertasmania #explore #travel #wanderlust #photooftheday
australia Imagine waking up, stepping out the front door and you’re on the beach πŸ™Œ This is how you'll start your day at @salsalisningaloo in @australiascoralcoast. Tour this luxe glamping hideaway on our Instagram Story now πŸ‘†πŸ»πŸ‘†πŸ» Nestled amongst the sand dunes in @westernaustralia's beautiful Cape Range National Park, this secluded @luxurylodgesofaustralia eco resort is perfect for both exploring the incredible array of aquatic life of #NingalooReef and for venturing into the vast outback. Photo: #justanotherdayinwa #australiascoralcoast #luxurylodgesofaustralia #wanderlust #photooftheday
australia Meanwhile, in the @gbrmarinepark... the water is crystal clear and the locals are dressed up in their colourful finest! This idyllic spot is Keeper Reef, which you'll find offshore from @queensland's @thisismagneticisland. The area offers a wonderful dive site for those that love to explore abundant coral gardens. Expect to see schools of batfish (like this little guy!) fusiliers, coral trout, as well as plenty of turtles. Photo: @workfortravel #thisisqueensland #lovethereef #gbrmarinepark #thisismagneticisland #wanderlust β €
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